Just a quick bite ♥

7 Oct

It’s a pretty busy day at work today, so I’ll make this short and sweet!!  Lunch today was provided by Two Louie’s Market in the Strip…

1233 Penn Ave.

Each day, Two Louie’s offers a lunch special for $5.99 along with all of their other goodies!  I love this place because:

1.  The employees are the same day after day and they actually remember you.

2.  The market is located in an older building.  The ceiling is gorgeous and the inside walls are brick.

3.  Two Louie’s is a great example of a business run by true Yinzer’s.  They always have Steelers and Penguins banners/other merch hanging and you can bet that these ladies are decked out come game day!!


Anyway, the special today was the cajun-chicken wrap:  lightly seasoned grilled chicken with lettuce (I opted for no tomato and no ranch!) on a flour tortilla.  You can grab a drink and bag of chips for $1, which makes this a quick and delicious lunchtime favorite!!

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