“plenty of sunshine heading my way…”

7 Oct

Feeling pretty good this morning for several reasons!!  First and  most obviously…

finally some blue skies!

Secondly, one of my favorite bloggers left me a comment!  I really appreciate the support and it definitely makes this journey a little brighter!! 

I love the idea of blogging and always have – being able to connect with people all over the country.  I maintained a blog from 2002 until around 2004, writing my way through and out of depression.  It was full of memories and inside jokes, song lyrics and diary-entries that weren’t really for anyone to read but myself.  I decided to retire that blog once my life starting changing.  I still read through it every now and then and thinking to myself – “Wow…my life was so different then.”  The person who wrote those tired entries is just a shadow that I catch a glimpse of every now and then.  That shadow is cast by all the light given off my wonderfullife.  I am busy becoming the person that everyone always thought I could be.  Believe me, baby, now I’m shining bright. 

On my way…

7th Ave.

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