the purposeful pilgrim

15 May

I obviously took a hiatus from the blogosphere and a long one at that.  For good reason, though!  She♥ and I took a huge leap in the last few months.  And I do mean huge!  In January, I parted ways with my job AND was accepted into a graduate program.  So we rented out the house, packed up the fam and moved back to the small college town where we met back in 2004.  Truth be told, it was pretty scary for me to make such a big change.  I’m not much of a risk taker, but it was well worth it.  I am currently earning my Master of Science in Sustainable Systems (while she♥ is finishing up her B.S. in Marketing).  It is an incredibly rewarding program and I am learning a ton of stuff – from ecological economics to green building to slow food.

Being back in school has changed a lot of things that had become routine in our lives.  We are living in a small apartment, which I don’t mind at all, but we have poorly managed well water.  This along with our demanding schedules have made cooking a rarity, but I am off for the summer and am committed to healthy meal making.  One positive change had been access to an awesome gym that is part of campus and I have really embraced the treadmill.  I am trying to teach myself to run, which has been challenging for me.  I’m not a naturally athletic person and have never really taken up structured fitness, but the idea of running appeals to me – its incredibly mental and it gives me an outlet to really push myself.  My commitment to the gym was really strong at the beginning of the semester and then after mid-term, I faltered.  I’ve been really motivated to go as of lately because she♥ has summer classes.  Needless to say, I’m picking up a few things where I left off.  🙂

This commitment was renewed even more today when we went to the Pittsburgh Marathon to cheer for some family members who were running the half-marathon.

Runners on Ohio River Boulevard

It was sooooo cool, the news said that 22,000 participants were expected and I feel like we cheered for every single one!

View from Carson Street

Talk about motivation – it was honestly the first marathon that I have witnessed and I have the caught the running bug again.  It was exactly the push I needed to get me back to the gym regularly.  Everyone that we went to support did such a great job: one finished in 2:24:40, which was just a few minutes shy of her goal; another, who is new to running as of this year, ran 14 miles.  The whole time we were watching I just kept feeling like I wanted to be out there with them and I know that if I work hard enough I will be next year.  Not only that, the city of Pittsburgh has my heart and I would love to run the marathon if only to experience the city in a new way.  In the meantime, I have the gym and I’m pretty sure I have some running buddies who are just dying to get out of the house…


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