rain, reading & recycling

17 May

It has been one rainy week!  Thankfully, I have been able to get my training done in the morning in between downpours.  I am torn about the rain – it has made temperatures drop and rendered the outside world a muddy mess, but I know that its also responsible for the amazing shades of green that Western PA is famous for.  Oh, spring, why do you make me feel like you are something I have to tolerate?  We used to have a better relationship than this, you and I!

And that is all the time I am allowing myself to be negative.  DONE!

Since the rainy day and my lack of motivation have confined me to the house for the most part, I’ve used my time to nap and get through more of Atonement (Ian McEwan).

I have put off seeing the film until I read the book because the book is usually 100x better.  This book is exactly the kind of fiction I like to read, McEwan does things with words that are untranslatable to a visual medium.  It causes my own emotions to get wrapped up in the story, the ball of frustration and helplessness that Briony feels as her cousins arrive; Cecelia’s post-graduate ennui and misplaced resentment towards Robbie as he fumbles around his own confused emotions at the fountain.  LOVE IT!


Do you recycle?

The borough that we lived in in Pittsburgh doesn’t have a curbside recycling program, which is a shame.  Before January, I myself am ashamed to say that I wasn’t a proactive recycler.  But that is not the case anymore!  I have become quite the recycling guru.  So much stuff can be recycled that I never really thought about!  Consumers unintentionally buy TONS of packaging along with products and food and most of it goes into a landfill because people don’t really understand their local recycling programs.  Even I am guilty of thinking only cans and bottles are game.  Here are three examples of things that a year ago I would have thrown away with a second thought:

conatiner from a frozen Kashi meal

And guess what: they can all be recycled as noted by the symbol on the bottom of the container!  A few weeks ago I suddenly became curious about what those little numbers indicate.  Did you know that plastics grouped into #2. #4 and #5 are the least likely to contain toxic chemicals like BPA (indicated by a #7) or polyvinyl chloride (#3).

bottom of my Kashi container

While #1 is safe to be in contact with food (thank God!), it is a more porous plastic and breaks down if it is reused.  I know a lot of moms that reuse whipped cream and sour cream containers for leftovers and I am realizing with this research that that practice might actually be harmful.  It is a healthier option to invest in a set of tupperware made from non-toxic and durable materials.

How much do you know about recycling?

Oh, and don’t forget about all this stuff either!!

cardboard & paper products

It honestly is as easy as throwing something in the garbage AND all the products that you recycle can later be turned into something practical, affordable and sustainable, like these countertops:

@ Sota Construction HQ

I think that’s a pretty rewarding incentive to take the extra 5 seconds and recycle!

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