19 May

I am almost ashamed to say there is nothing exciting to report in this neck of the woods.  It seems like this rain will never let up!  I had to run on the treadmill this morning.  And guess what, I do mean run.  I barely walked at all because there are no hills on the treadmill!  While that’s probably cheating, I was so proud of myself when I hit the showers.

It is supposed to be clear skies and warm this weekend, though, so I am excited about that…

Especially since Saturday is my mom’s birthday!

We lack rituals in my family, so this year I offered to cook her dinner (and of course some delicious dessert).  I’m not sure how this is possible, because unlike her daughter, my mother does not like cake.  How is this possible?!!

Needless to say, I needed a PLAN B!

So, like any self respecting foodie I turned to my favorite blogs

Got out my trusty notepad…

don't you love monograms?

And made a grocery list!

Well at least started one.  I’m not going to give away what I’m making until it’s finished, but I’m sure that you get the general decadent idea!!

This may be more yummy than cake after all

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