Friday fun in the country

20 May

We had been procrastinating about getting the pets flea and tick medicine.  I’m not sure why because its pretty important!!  We usually buy their medicine and food at Petco because they offer a program where you buy 10 bags of dog food and get one free.  This works out pretty well for us because we go through an enormous amount of dog food between the two pooches.  However, I prefer to go through local small businesses whenever and wherever possible.  Petco is kind of like the Walmart of pet stores and who likes that.  Not me!

So we decided to make a trip to Agway in Grove City, which is about a fifteen minute drive from where we live.  We took the scenic route 🙂

hello there!

Do you think his name is Arty??!

We buy Blue Buffalo dog food and were surprised to find that it is CHEAPER  at Agway than it is at Petco.  The sales clerk told us its because they have a lower mark-up on it than big box corporations.  Nuts!

Successful and happy with our purchases, we stopped at one of my favorite little places in Grove City to eat – Jean’s Super Subs.

Now I have no idea who this Jean person is or how long that sub shop has been there, but it is awesome.  Their menu is basic.  And I mean basic.

You can order whatever lunch meat you want, they shred it right in front of you and then you can pick onion, lettuce and tomato.  You can pick between mayo or oil and vinegar.  Period!  None of the options (or complications) of Subway and actually fresh ingredients.  The bread (of which there is only one option) is yummmyyyyy!!!


I ordered a half of a turkey sub, which was substantial.  You can call ahead and order a 30′ sub.  WHAT!  Maybe we will have Jean’s cater our wedding ♥  Just kidding!

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