Well Hello Ross!

18 Nov

Happy Friday everyone!

Last night, we had the opportunity to meet Ross Matthews, (omg. omg.) former Tonight Show intern & panelist on Chelsea Lately.

He is hysterically funny, super bubbly, and all-around fabulous.  He gave an amazing speech on not giving up on what you want.  Mostly he talked about learning how to own your flaws and make them work for you.

And guess who else was there…

Salvadore ♥   These two have been together for three years and are adorable together.  Check out Ross’s website to see if he will be speaking near you – I highly recommend going out and hearing him speak.

I’m not sure if he’s all ready a part of the “It Gets Better” campaign that supports gay youth, but he should be in charge of marketing!  He did what a lot of people aren’t able to do – get people to laugh with you, as opposed to at you.  All while wearing pink socks 🙂

She♥ and I will be visiting family today and tomorrow, so if you are dying to know what I’m up to make sure you follow me on Twitter: @MichelleSFTS


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