Unseasonably Motivated ♥

28 Nov

This morning I feel like I turned over a new leaf.  When she♥ got up for class, I told myself: “Just go back to sleep…”  And then, after laying there for a few minutes, it hit me.  Every other morning, I listen to that little voice and then for the rest of the day I kick myself for not going to the gym.  (Mornings are the only time I can devote to working out!)

But not today, people!  Not today!  I jumped out of bed, got my running clothes on and hopped in the car.  When I got to the gym, it was PACKED.  Feeling slightly entitled, I said to myself “Hmph!  People are probably feeling guilty about eating too much over Thanksgiving.  Boy am I glad I didn’t over do it!”  I know, I know, my subconscious is a little snobby.  The cardio equipment is on the far end of the gym and I was so worried there wouldn’t be a treadmill.  It rained all day and I was dreading the thought of having to run in the rain (even if it is unseasonably warm in Western PA).

And then….

As if the stars aligned for my workout, my favorite treadmill was open.  YES!!!

Or so I thought.  Apparently, it’s no lie that if you don’t run for a while, you literally almost have to start over.  I kicked my incline up to 4.5 and told myself to power walk as hard as I could.  Things were going fine until an older gentleman hopped on the treadmill next to me and immediately started jogging one speed faster for me.  My snobby subconscious simply wouldn’t stand for it.  I immediately jacked up the volume on my iPod, kicked up my speed, and dropped my incline to 1 (Snobby? Maybe; Interested in shin splints? No).  Now granted, I was not jogging fast.  At all.  And I was only able to go a mile and half because I had to pick her♥ up from class.  But I did manage to outpace my neighbor.  It’s the small victories.  🙂

After spending the last several hours rearranging the apartment so that I could be on the computer AND watch the football game (not as easy as it sounds)…I get to end my night the best way I know how 🙂

With my lovebugs ♥



3 Responses to “Unseasonably Motivated ♥”

  1. Lindsay November 29, 2011 at 7:30 pm #

    I had to laugh – I get SOOOOO competitive (and annoyed) at the gym. Competitive like you, in that I’ll start running if the person beside me is running (and I’m also snobby – if I run longer than someone who’s thinner or younger than me, I feel like I’m better than them. Heh). Annoyed in that I’m not a fast runner – at all – and for some reason fast runners like to saddle up next to me and I end up feeling like crap because I can’t keep up. The annoyance is pretty much what has kept me out of the gym for the past 2 months (I go to Urban Active; there are always fast people running and I can never get a treadmill).

  2. Chiot's Run December 1, 2011 at 9:21 pm #

    how funny about the treadmill & running faster – I’ve done that before 🙂 Love love snuggly pups too!

    Just wanted to pop over and welcome you to the Dark Days Challenge, can’t wait to see what delicious goodness you come up with!

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