Yes, I’d love some cheese to go along with this…

2 Dec

Life is kind of complicated right now.  I’m not complaining necessarily, because it’s a good sort of complicated that will result in a lot of really good things.  The problem is that its just very stressful right now.  For example…its the end of my final semester of graduate classes (AMEN!), she♥ will be graduating with her Bachelor’s in just a few short weeks, our dog is expecting on December 17th, we are in the process of launching our cloth diapering service, Christmas is right around the corner, we are moving at the end of the month…I will stop there before I have a heart attack.

I’ve noticed in the last few weeks, though, that I don’t particularly handle stress well.

First of all, my emotional response is to eat.  Luckily, I have been curbing this temptation by throwing myself into blogging, running, and reality television.  Second, I tend to snap out on the people that mean the most to me.  Not cool.  Third, I break out with styes.  Exceptionally not cool.


I am committing myself to being a more positive person, even if I secretly want to throw a Whole-Nine-Yards-Style tantrum, Matthew Perry style.

December will not defeat me!

I will not end 2011 looking like Santa Claus!

And I will stop acting like a brat…


That’s all for now 🙂


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