Learning not to be a negative novice…

4 Dec

So I took a hint from one of my favorite bloggers: Shut Up and Run.

I can make a billion excuses for why I don’t have time to go work out, but come on.  Really, Michelle?  <– Pretty much the conversation I had with myself in my head this morning.

So I drank some coffee, ate a muffin and went to the gym.  (Mistake number 1.)

I really need to find out what works for me before a run.  I literally felt like I was going to throw up after the first quarter mile, which can pretty much ruin your momentum.  I managed to push through, but left the gym feeling pretty disappointed in myself. (Mistake number 2.)  I know that kind of self-deprecation is counter-productive, so I’m leaving it all here in this blog and walking away from it.


Do some research and find out what fuel will work best for me.
Be my own cheerleader instead of being hard on myself.
Make sure that I stick to my training schedule.  Consistency is the only way that I am going to improve.

Now…focusing all of my energy on the Steeler game! 🙂

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