Wednesday was a gem, really.

8 Dec

I couldn’t very well leave you guys hanging after my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday…

Funny story, actually.

FACT:  The funny thing about Slippery Rock University is that its a virtual ghost town until classes let out.  Having spent time at various tables trying to get students to join clubs or sign petitions, I know this is a fact.  When the weather gets cold (which it has), this is even more true.  But believe me, when classes let out it looks like a virtual fire drill – students are pouring out of classroom buildings.

Being a nice girlfriend, I arrived on campus with two iced coffees in tow (one for me and one for her♥).  Just as classes let out.  I chose the same set of stairs that I use every day, conveniently located between her♥ building and mine.

My foot caught on the last step.

Yeah, I did.

In front of like 100 people.  Two coffees exploded.  I heard boys from the stairwell directly next to me say “OOOOOHHHHH!!!” I heard my dignity shatter.

My pants were ripped at both knees, my boots were scuffed on both toes.  A very nice girl helped me pick  up my bag while a few nice boys asked me if I was okay and helped me to my feet.

My wounds were minimal, really.  I stumbled into her♥ classroom building, sans drink and pride.

Epic. fail.

My mom told me: “Well, at least you didn’t shit your pants when you hit the ground.”

Touchè Mom. Touchè.



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