Everyday I’m shuffling….

8 Jan

Man, has anyone else been so busy you can’t remember what day it is?

All my days have been running together and I just noticed how long it’s been since I’ve posted something!

There are big things going on in my life right now and its really exciting!  My girlfriend, her mother, my sister-in-law, and I are launching a cloth diapering service this month.  We have been really busy getting everything together so that we can get started, which should be within the next few weeks!!

I am working on re-doing the website for the launch.  I am trying to make it look more professional, but I have limited knowledge of….all this schmancy stuff!  haha I don’t even know what knowledge I am lacking, which will probably make it hard to learn more about it.

Err…something like that.

Anyway, I am also beginning my Master’s research this month.  I will be working on a project which examines the socio-economic conditions that affect consumer diaper choices.  No biggie.  🙂  I am really exciting to compile academic research into a document which can be shared among other people in the cloth diaper community.  Some of the stuff I’m finding is unnerving – how can all those chemicals be in a product that goes directly on a baby?  I mean, sodium polyacrylate has been banned from tampons because it increases the likelihood of bacterial infestations (which cause toxic-shock syndrome)…but it’s okay to put in a product that goes near my kid’s junk?!

But, the average American consumer isn’t aware of things like this.  Why?  A very good question…I sincerely feel that if they were, they would never consider purchasing disposable diapers again.

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