Sweet Potato & Black Bean Empanadas

16 Feb

Things have been nuts lately!  She♥ and I are really working hard on our cloth diaper service to make sure out website is amazing.  So far, it is looking great!!

I thought tonight would be a great time to re-focus by doing a little empanada tutorial.  (That and I am trying to lure you back to my blog feed!)

What you will need:
2 cups flour
1/4 cup canola oil
1/4 cup water
1 egg
1 cup mashed sweet potatoes
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 tsp. cumin
1 T. ground acho chili powder
1 poblano pepper
1/3 cup chopped green onion
2 T. cilantro
1/4 tsp. salt

First, make the dough by combining the flour and salt in a large mixing bowl.  In a separate bowl, lightly beat the egg and then add the canola oil and 1/4 cup water.  Pour the oil mixture into the flour mixture gradually.  Combine until a soft dough forms.  Cover this dough in plastic and refrigerate it for 1 hour.  While the dough is setting, I usually prep the empanada mix.  By this I mean, I pop the sweet potatoes in the microwave, chop the green onions and rinse the beans.  I also prep the poblano pepper.

Intimidated by peppers?  I was too.  She♥ is Spanish, though, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with Spanish and Latino foods.  I’ve even had the experience of buying tamales from a little girl who was selling them door-to-door out of a wagon (for her abuela of course).  Anyway…back to the poblano.  This usually takes about 25 minutes, so keep that in mind as you are timing your prep out 🙂

How to:  Poblano Peppers

Preheat your broiler.  Place the poblano on a foil lined broiler pan and broil for 8 minutes.  After 6 minutes, turn the pepper over.  You are trying to blacken the pepper.  In fact, you will know it is finished broiling if the skin bubbles up and turns black:

Then, pull your poblano out, place it immediately into a paper bag and seal it tight. (No, I am not crazy.)  This is usually when I turn my broiler off and preheat my oven to 400°F. After 15 minutes, pull the pepper out and just pinch the skin.  It comes right off.  Discard this skin along with the guts of the pepper.  For the empanadas, the pepper needs to be chopped up.

Mix all your filling ingredients and spices into a large mixing bowl and mash them all up until almost smooth.

Don’t forget the sweet potatoes!

Once the hour has passed, grab your dough out of the fridge and turn it out onto a lightly floured surface.  Separate it into 10 equal balls of dough.



Roll each ball out into a 5″ disc.

Then, spoon about 3 T. of the filling onto the empanada dough. Brush the edges LIGHTLY with some lightly beaten egg white.  If you put too much egg white onto the dough, it will be too wet to seal shut.

Fold the dough over and seal shut – I usually pinch it with my fingers and then fold it up a little bit.

Place your 10 empanadas onto a foil-lined baking sheet that has been sprayed (I use canola oil cooking spray).  I cut three slits into each empanada to ventilate it like a pie.

I give them a little egg wash before I pop them into that pre-heated oven (400°, remember?) for 17-25 minutes.  They will be golden brown and crispy when done.

¡buen provecho!


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