Review: Cirque Dreams – Pop Goes the Rock

23 Feb

If you follow me on twitter, you all ready know that I received 2 complimentary tickets to the Cirque Dreams production called Pop Goes the Rock.  I love theater, and just in case you missed it the first time – I LOVE theater.  I drag her♥ to several shows a year, including the Cirque Dreams holiday production called Holidaze last year.

I had an absolute blast at Holidaze – the stunts were breath-taking, exciting, unexpected, and I felt like a little kid at the circus all night.

There were tight-rope walkers, acrobats, gymnasts, a troupe of girls who stood on bikes and performed like synchronized swimmers oh wheels.  I recommended that show to everybody.  So, having responded to an offer of 4 free tickets on Twitter, we were looking forward to Pop Goes the Rock.

From the beginning, I felt like they had ripped off Holidaze because several of the performances were similar.  But then, several numbers into the show I realized that I couldn’t even compare it to Holidaze because it is of such much lower quality.  The performers were great, don’t get me wrong.  I just felt like the flow to the show was off, I couldn’t connect to the two main vocalists (and believe me, they are singing the ENTIRE time).  I felt like a majority of the first half was karaoke with mediocre dancing with small intermissions of gymnastic feats.  Overall, I was really let down – save your money on this one guys!

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