I’m hooked on Holy Angels’ Fish Fry ♥

24 Feb

Ahh, Lent.  You double-edged sword, you.  Each year you seduce me with endless fish fries and raffle baskets but then ask me to give something up for forty friggin days.

This year it was Facebook.  I don’t want to talk about it.

So this begins a new SFTS series..

A SOLE Fish Friday guide to Pittsburgh

I will be navigating my way around the city, to many a fish fry but also to some more creative, healthy alternatives.  Each week I will be promoting a different fish fry in the area and reporting back.  Let’s be realistic, the allure of the fish fry gets long before Easter rolls around, and I’m looking forward to sharing some SOLE alternatives. ♥

If you know me, it will make sense why the first post of this series has to be dedicated to Holy Angels fish fry.

This tiny little church in Hays, near the Waterfront in Pittsburgh, has the BEST fish fry in town as far as I’m concerned.  I look forward to seeing what else Pittsburgh has that can beat them!  Holy Angels also has a pretty sophisticated website as far as small churches go (can be viewed here), which also lets you take a look at their menu.  I noticed in their “Fish Fry Volunteer” section, that they are looking for volunteers to bread fish.  Could it be?  A fish fry which actually breads their own fried fish??  I will investigate further when I drop off desserts next Friday morning.

I ordered the Fried Fish Sandwich Dinner, which I realized too late was a bit too eager.

Hello gorg.  This baby came with fries and coleslaw (which I never eat) for $8.  I could only finish half of it! The service at Holy Angels is always amazing and I’m not exaggerating when I say this is my #1 choice for Fridays.  They also have a baked fish option, which I have had in previous years, which is also yummy.

I will say that the macaroni and cheese, which I only tasted, was reminiscent of middle school cafeteria-quality mac: tasteless and overcooked.

How does this series fit within the bigger SOLE picture?  Fridays during Lent are a time when neighborhoods come together and celebrate with food, of course!  Building closer connections to one another IS sustainability.  Growing as a neighborhood, building relationships, sharing values, enjoying quality conversations and company IS local.  The Lent season is when a little SOLE really is good for your SOUL. ♥

Holy Angels Fish Fry
408 Baldwin Rd. Pittsburgh PA, 15207
11:30 am – 6:30 pm
Online Menu: Fish Fry



2 Responses to “I’m hooked on Holy Angels’ Fish Fry ♥”

  1. Rohan August 27, 2015 at 7:44 am #

    Looks good. What is the type of fish????

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