Lightened Up Beef Stroganoff

24 Feb

If you are a new cook like I was, then you know what it’s like to completely screw yourself.  And by that I mean by starting a recipe and realizing halfway through that should have read the ENTIRE recipe before you started.  What I’ve learned to do is to read through the recipe, tackle my prep work (cutting, slicing, etc.) and then assembling all my ingredients.  That way, I know exactly what I need, am able to put things away as I go, and then I also know if I’ve skipped something.  Real talk now, we’ve all done it.

She♥ knows I have a weak spot for random cooking magazines, so on Valentine’s Day gave me Cuisine Lite.  This little mag contained a recipe for a lightened up beef stroganoff.  Hello!  Comfort food at 240 calories a serving?  Despite the warm weather, it is still winter and I am still craving comfort food.

So last night, it was time…

Thundercats Are Go!!!!

That means, assemble the ingredients…obvi.  And preheat the oven to 235°F while you’re at it, doll 😉

Above, I’ve got:

1-1/4 lbs. beef top sirloin, cut into chunks (you could just buy beef tips for stewing if its cheaper)
kosher salt and black pepper
vegetable oil
8 oz. button mushrooms
8 oz. crimini mushrooms
2 cups diced red onion
all-purpose unbleached flour (why would you buy bleached flour?)
tomato paste
dry sherry
beef broth
chicken broth

Start by seasoning the beef with the salt and pepper.  Add 1 tsp. of vegetable oil to a pan and brown the beef tips in 2 separate batches over medium heat.

Once the meat is browned (I have a gas range and it took 5 minutes per batch), move the tips to a bowl and set them aside.

Add 1 tsp. more of the olive oil and brown the mushrooms.  This pan was a horrible choice because I ended up crowding the mushrooms.  I inexplicably picked this pot out of the cupboard.

Once the mushrooms are done browning, just as with the beef, set them aside in a separate bowl.

Add the last 1 tsp. of olive oil into the pot and cook the 2 c. of onion until soft.  Then add 1/4 c. flour and 2 T. tomato paste and cook until it just begins to brown.

Now, my favorite part!  Add 1/2 c. sherry to the pot and begin to deglaze the sides, pulling up all the yummy brown parts that are burnt onto the sides.  This is how you max out the flavor of the dish.  You will want to deglaze this a medium-low temperature until almost all of the sherry is gone.

Add 1/2 cup chicken broth and 1/2 cup beef broth to the pot and transfer to an oven-safe pot.  (I used a cheap dutch oven that I was given years ago.)

After the contents were removed from my cooking pot, I deglazed again just so that I could take a photo for you dolls:

It needs to be in that oven (325°F remember!?) COVERED for 45 minutes.  Then you will add the mushrooms and bake another 15 minutes.

WARNING:  This dish will make your house smell friggin amazing.

I followed the recommendation and served with buttered noodles, tossed in dill.

восхитительный … DELICIOUS!


2 Responses to “Lightened Up Beef Stroganoff”

  1. Ashley October 7, 2014 at 5:18 pm #

    Help! Trying to make this for dinner right now. I just finished the sauce and wanted to know what all goes into the oven? Just the sauce or beef and sauce????????

    Thank you!!!

    • SOLEfortheSoul October 7, 2014 at 5:19 pm #

      Everything goes in the oven! Sauce and beef, then add the mushrooms on after 45 minutes. 🙂

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