Fish Fridays: St. Maximilan Kolbe Church

9 Mar

Today we drove the winding hill up to St. Max Kolbe church in Homestead.

This church has a high concentration of parishioners of Eastern European descent, which in fish fry terms means: haluski.  The fish fry menu at St. Max Kolbe is extensive.  They serve a huge fish sandwich, available with or without bread; crab cakes; jumbo or popcorn shrimp; linguine with scallops; tuna noodle casserole potato pancakes & lots more.

One of my favorite things about this fish fry is that it is open much later than most.  They serve dinner up until 7:00 pm.  Since we arrived only about 15 minutes before they shut down, we were about to take some extra things home with us.

I picked at a piece of fish meant for sandwiches, which was yummy.  The breading was thin and the fish tastes fresh.

We also tried some jumbo shrimp…

She♥ is a sucker for haluski..

And of course we had to eat some pierogies, which actually tasted right…

Overall, this place never disappoints and its a fish fry we continue to visit year after year.  I was even instructed to send Steel Valley residents over to visit the self-proclaimed, “hardest working Hunky” at St. Max – West Homestead Police Chief, John Dindak.  He manages to serve up delicious Lenten food and humor at this parish on the hill.

Eat in or take out (412) 462-1743
St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish
363 W. 11th Avenue Extension
Homestead, PA 15120


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