Hookah Hangout

11 Mar

Have you guys ever smoked hookah?  Last night was my first real hookah experience and it was pretty neat.  After a family birthday party, a few of us decided to try something different and head into Oakland to go to the Sphinx Cafe Egyptian Hookah Bar.  (Actually she♥ and I were the only first-timers there.)  The hookah bar is located in an old church, the inside just being an open room with a bunch of tapestries and cushions to sit on.


Hookah is an Indian form of smoking tobacco, which uses a tall water basin that cools the smoke before you suck it through this long hose.  This isn’t like what Americans consider tobacco, though.  Because of the way it’s smoked, its not harsh at all and the tobacco comes in flavors like mango, pear, strawberry, etc.

The average hookah session lasts for about 40 minutes (so says Wikipedia), but between the five of us, we smoked two bowls of tobacco and it lasted for a few hours.  Online, there are mixed reviews about the health effects of smoking hookah vs smoking cigarettes.  Many people believe that because you smoke more tobacco in a hookah than you would if you smoked cigarettes, so hookahs are really bad for you.  However, many believe that because the process of smoking the tobacco it is so indirect – that the health effects are much less.  I will say that based on my experience of being a social cigarette smoker for years, that today my lungs do not feel like I smoked last night.  If I smoke even one cigarette, I am coughing and complaining about my lungs for days.

I’m not too worried, because its not something that I plan on doing regularly…

But it was pretty fun and relaxing.  It was also a nice (& cheaper) alternative to a bar.  We tried some kind of melon and then a peach – both very fruity and mild.  There is another hookah bar on the South Side of Pittsburgh, which I haven’t been to yet.  Her♥ cousin told us that they have couches to sit on instead of floor cushions.  By the time we left, my body was sore from sitting on the floor and the couches would have been nice!

It was also a great way to usher in her♥ birthday after midnight! 

♥♥♥Happy 26th Birthday Christina♥♥♥


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