My brain feels like compost…

22 Mar

After spending the majority of yesterday starting my compost pile.  Yay!♥

Here’s a brief recap of day one in my attempt to compost in my backyard.  While she♥ and Ace were trying to wall mount our flat screen, I chose to speed clean the house, catch up on laundry and dig out a composting pit.  Well…almost dig out.  I read that a good size pit for a household is 3x3x3.  Cool.  I can do that.  Let me tell you that 3 feet is a lot deeper than it sounds.  And thank you, West Homestead, for deciding to make both the front and back of my house a sheet of solid bricks.  Apparently it used to be a sidewalk back in the mill days.  History.  Cool.  Thanks for the hunchback.

So far this is the extent of my composting experience:

I have a list of 163 things that can be composted taped to my kitchen wall.
I have a bucket, which I will soon switch to a lidded container, in which I will be throwing my “scraps.”
I dug a whole 3x3x3 in my backyard.  I will be filling the hole with the the same soil that I just removed, sans rocks and parts of bricks.  (For some reason, about 2 feet under my backyard is a sheet of solid bricks.)
I will cover my composting pile with a tarp and hold it down with said bricks and assorted rocks I found while digging my pile.  Since I don’t have a tarp yet, there’s obvi not a picture!
After doing so, I will say a Hail Mary in hopes that the dogs will not get too curious.
Every several weeks, I will rake my pile and let the worms do their job.  (I have been assured that the worms will come and I will not have to purchase them.)

My neighbors are going to think I’m crazy because I spent all day digging a hole only to fill it back in and make it look almost exactly the same.  Then again, in my neighborhood it takes a lot to make people think you’re strange.

This is what I ended up with:

Excuse the scribbles, apparently Picnik doesn’t like a straight line (or I’m too tired to find it).  It don’t look like much now, and of course I won’t put anything in it before I get a tarp, but I’m pretty excited to see what those wormies can do!!

♥Wish me luck!!♥

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