Handwashing Humiliation!

17 Apr

I’m ashamed to say it, but I just hand-washed clothes for the first time EVER.

I’m not sure if its because I’ve never really owned clothes that needed to be hand-washed; or that I never knew to check the washing instructions; or that I was super lazy and spoiled rotten.

Regardless…here goes nothing!


This is the time I chose to reapply my burn medicine to my wound, which I will now share with you all.

Misery loves company.

Moving on…

I kneaded the clothes kind of like I would bread.

And then –

I looked at the water –

OMG, I am that dirty?  Mentally blocking this photo out for life…

I immediately rinsed that ick OFF my clothes and hung them to dry:

And to make myself feel better about how dirty my clothes were, I took a minute to check out my hotness in the mirror…

and the spring scarf the MIL gave me for my birthday:


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