19 Apr

Just some random thoughts prior to coffee:

1.  Couponing is harder than it should be.  WTF, why didn’t I pay attention in math class.  Or why is it so complicated?  I always get tricked into spending MORE money, not SAVING money by using a coupon.

2.  Why, because one gay activist group says its okay, do Brad & Angelina finally get married?  Like, hello, you guys are fakers.  You never really cared.  And your ring is fugly.

3.  I am really excited for craft beer week in Pittsburgh.  I have marked April 27th in my calandar to experience Dogfish Head at Fathead’s Saloon in Pittsburgh’s SouthSide with Amanda.

4.  I am really nervous for my first 5K, coming up in June.  Like it makes me want to throw up I’m so nervous.

5.  I seriously love gummy bears.  They seriously hurt my teeth.  The depravity of life.

6.  I am really proud of myself for staying dedicated to my running regiment. ♥  I have been following Hal Higdon’s 5-K Training: Novice training.

Have a nice morning 🙂

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