Operation Diaper Wagon: Day Two

28 May

Day two of our diaper wagon adventure was much more eventful.  We got to sleep in a little bit, because the car dealership we went through didn’t open until 2 p.m.

After some french toast and instant coffee, we decided to kill some time and go to an auction.

I had never been to an auction, but I’m fairly versed in auction protocol based on too much reality TV exposure.

I knew what I was in for.

There seemed to be a sort of plan coming together that I could see unfolding.  My awkward, ditsy personality doesn’t allow me to fully understand how it all works.  But here’s what I gathered.  First:


I kid, it wasn’t really that serious.  This auction place is crazy big and the best deals are on building materials:

They have everything you can think of and if you’re paying attention, you can get any/everything you could ever need or want.

Pretty neat stuff…some guy got a lawnmower for like $5 or something right after we left.

You have to register when you get there and they give you a number.  Then, the auctioneer moves around from article to article and takes bids.

Riddle me this! (Batman reference?)

Why is this seemingly Amish auctioneer using a microphone, which is clearly against his covenant with God!  The Pennsylvania Amish would surely shame him.  Thus, I did not feel guilty taking his picture because if he can break the rules, then I guess we all can.  Hmph.

Moving on…we scored some awesome stuff (which I will talk about a little later), but realized that we had to hit the road for Chi-Town if we wanted our vehicle.

Goodbye auction, hello open road!

Oh, the open road.  Full of so many empty fields, farms and warehouses. Driving through Indiana isn’t exactly thrilling.

We did see some neat stuff…

As we got closer to Chicago, I of course started acting like a kid in a candy store because the Bears and the Cubs are two of my favorite sports teams EVER.

All very exciting!

We saw some really random stuff while we skirted the south side of Chicago…

And then…it happened.

We bought Changin’ Time‘s brand new diaper wagon:

Yeah, right.

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