Home Grown

16 Jul

Visiting my parents over the weekend got me thinkin’….

Its weird how I grew up as such an “indoor person,” if you know what I mean by that.  I was never a tomboy, didn’t play sports, didn’t particularly like being out in nature (bugs, dirt, wildlife, etc. etc. etc.).  My parents, however, love to be outside.  They spend hours enjoying their yard, their garden, their patio – don’t really have to be doing anything in particular.

Gardening and landscaping is one of several activities that bring my parents immediately to mind.  Its one of the things they spend so much time doing, and doing together.

Last summer, my parents didn’t grow their garden.  My mom was adjusting to a full time job and numerous kids activities.  How did we go a whole summer without fresh veggies from the garden????  I certainly don’t have a green thumb – I can’t even keep herbs alive.

Last night, I baked chicken with some of the banana peppers my parents had planted, at my sister’s insistence.  Delish.  In fact, I’ll be making some of their zucchini tonight for dinner!

Enjoying my parents garden and the vegetables we are still eating from that garden makes me wish I had tried a little harder to grow veggies this summer.  I don’t regret joining a CSA, but next summer I will make it a priority to grow the veggie we love the most: zucchini!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of their humongoid zucchini plants…oops!

Why shouldn’t I be able to enjoy my yard as much as my parents enjoy theirs?  Its just a matter of making the space irresistible!


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