Checking in!

26 Jul

Moving fast, but going no where.  That feels like the status quo these days.

I am happy to report that I’ve finished the coursework for the last graduate class that I need to finish before I can graduate.  The only thing looming in my way is my graduate research project, which I’ve yet to start wholeheartedly.

AND we got to babysit the lovebug the other day –

It was pretty much the highlight of my weekend!

In other news, however, I am waiting for some dough to proof so that I can make hamburger buns for dinner with the MIL tonight.  This will be my second attempt at buns – but I’m using a different recipe this time.

The first time was such a morbid failure that I didn’t even take a picture.  For some reason I forgot about Breadmaking Rule 1:  Active your yeast, dummy.  So I basically made dense, doughy rolls – which I binged on for 2 days and finally dumped before my pants started to get tight!

I’ll be doing a full recap tomorrow if all goes well, so keep your fingers crossed.


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