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Kale Chips

31 Aug

Kale chips are probably the easiest thing in the world to make.

When you get your kale home, rip the leaves away from the thick stalks.  Massage them with olive oil, salt and pepper.

I bake mine at 325 F for around 20 minutes (just until the kale crisps up).  If you leave kale chips in too long, the kale tastes charred.

Experiment a little!  Fresh kale is like $.89/lb. at the store.

Pork Belly & Beets

31 Aug

Last night, the “when the cat’s away” theme continued.  K came over for dinner and brought some melt in your mouth Tamworth pork belly with him.

This is my favorite kind of food: SOLE.  This pig was from a family-owned farm in Clarion and then went to K’s to get butchered and then came straight to my kitchen!  Its got a honey-soy glaze with honey from Churchview Farm.  And since we basically cook by candle light in my demo-ed kitchen, I’d like to think we saved some electricity.  Ta-da! SOLE in my mouth.

Fun fact, the Tamworth is a rare breed of pig, considered “threatened” in the United States.  Wiki says there are less than 300 breeding females registered today!  They are ideal “bacon pigs” because they are able to achieve high body mass without an abundance of fat. 

What a delicious little heirloom piggle ♥ with:

Roasted Beets and Sauteed Greens:

3 large beets, with greens
1 clove garlic
salt, pepper
olive oil
1/4 c. chopped onion

Place beets (skins on) in a shallow baking dish and brush with olive oil.  Sprinkle salt and pepper evenly.  Bake at 400°F until fork tender, about 1 hour.  When you pull them out of the oven, sprinkle the vinegar of your choice over them.  (I usually use apple cider vinegar, but its not gluten free.  Last night I used red wine vinegar and it was just as good.)

About 15 minutes before you pull the beets out, sautee the garlic and onion in 1 T. olive oil.  When the garlic is golden brown and the onions are looking clear, add the beet greens. Salt and pepper to taste.  Cook until the greens are wilted and become soft.

Gluten-Free Works For Me

30 Aug


I didn’t think I’d be saying this, but I really don’t miss the gluten.  Don’t get me wrong – I’d love to swing by Subway on my way home and grab one of my favorite veggie patty subs, but eh…  Not really worth it.

We’ve been trying some new products and so far I haven’t really been disappointed.

purchased @ East End Food Coop

These falafel chips from Flamous were AWESOME.  I thought I might be biased because I friggin’ love falafel, but she♥ loved them, too!  We ate them with hummus that I made.

Since she’s going out of town this weekend, I decided to pack her some goodies for the road.  One of the hardest changes for our family is to avoid grabbing food while we are out and about.  Yes, I break for Sonics.  But no more!

purchased @ East End Food Coop

I’m dying to find out what she♥ thinks.  Christina has always been the type of eater who knows what things are “supposed” to taste like.  And if you stray from her assumptions, she just doesn’t like the food.  Its incredibly frustrating for me, but over the years I think I’ve become more accommodating and she’s become more adventurous.  There were times when I thought we might need a gastro-psychologist (if they exist.)  Armed with her Pirate’s Booty and some freshly baked kale chips, she♥ hit the road.

And I got to have my first “when the cat’s away” meal.

Since I usually just eat the same thing I make her♥, I don’t get to indulge very often.

But today, sex on a plate.

Avocado, Spinach, & Goat Cheese with Pesto Mayo on Gluten-Free Bread

Thank you, Pinterest & TasteSpotting.  This was my first experience with gluten-free bread, Goodbye Gluten‘s white bread, to be exact.  I have read some real horror stories about gluten-free products online, but seriously?  Granted, it was grilled in butter.  But it was pretty darn good!  I found it at Giant Eagle, but it was the only thing made from Goodbye Gluten.  I found this picture on Gluten Free Is Life.

$5.39/loaf at Waterfront Giant Eagle

Lunch was amazing and we even though we are spending the holiday weekend apart:  gluten-free works for me (& my family)!

Goodbye Gluten

24 Aug

Well, we’re going gluten-free.

Cold turkey.

I am nervous, terrified, and excited all at the same time.

Nervous because this is uncharted territory for me.

Terrified because this is a huge lifestyle change for us.

And excited to see how eliminating this pesky protein from our diets will make us healthier.

Right now, I am trying to read as much as I can about transitioning my kitchen, grocery shopping, food preparation, and menu planning.

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