A non-plan and other ramblings…

7 Jan

The snow is starting to melt ever-so-slightly in Pittsburgh.  Things are now at a state of either slush or ice.  My white, powdery snow has turned into grey and black gush that looks like tar-splatter.  The “winter wonderland” euphoria has worn off.

That being said, I dusted off my Asics and walked Liberty for about 2 miles.


A little side note – truthfully, I’ve had these shoes for awhile.  At least a year.  However, I haven’t logged many miles on them so they will be following me into 2013. If you are looking at this post thinking I know what the heck I’m talking about it when it comes to running shoes – you are mistaken.  Sorry.  There are double amputees out there that know more about running shoes than I do.

These are the by Asics and they are called RUSH33.

I basically bought them because they are neon.

When I wear them, I basically feel like this:

Own it! 😉

Anyway, luckily I feel all entitled when I wear my neon shoes because the sidewalks were barely shoveled at all.

While I did not fall, I’m sure you can imagine how slowly I maneuvered me and my giant dog over an entire sheet of ice based on some of my previous spills.  I’m glad I committed to the route I did, though, because once I got through the icy part, the rest of my usual loop was basically clear.

Now I’m snacking on some cheddar cheese and Sprite Zero, having a panic attack.  I know that I need to eat better, but when I think about changing my eating habits I freak out!  I know that processed foods are evil.  They are for so many more reasons than for your health (I will save that discussion for another post – our food system is one of the main issues I have with life in general).

I’ve tried about every single diet that’s out there.  However, I never stick to it long enough to see if it actually works.  I have to be true to myself and find out what’s best for ME.

For that reason, I’ve decided that this is my plan:

1. Limit my sugar intake.  As adults, we are probably all aware of the fact that most sugar we eat or drink can’t be broken down and our bodies store it as fat.  Blah blah blah.  Whatever.  All I know is that I’ve developed a mean sweet tooth this holiday and a fairly serious pop addiction.  (That’s soda for you squares.)  Some other areas where sugars hide in my diet are my perfect cup of coffee, condiments, snack foods like chips and pretzels, and cereal.  At the store tonight, I will probably buy things to snack on like: whole nuts, eggs to hard-boil, cheese, peanut butter and edamame.

2. Drink TONS of water.  Despite the fact that I know how good water is for me and how important it is that I drink 2.5 liters of water every day, I am the first one to crack open a Diet Coke.  Well, guess what, based on #1 up there – aspartame is out.

3. Eat intuitively.  I was first introduced to this concept by the writer over at RunEatRepeat.  You can find a really great description of it here, but its basically a strategy of listening to your body instead of trying to adhere to a set of rules also known as a “diet.”  The three things I like about the intuitive eating are A.) learning to respect your body when you feel full  B.) learning to respect your body when you feel hungry  and C.) learning what your personal satisfaction factor is.

So, that’s my plan.  I basically don’t have one.  But, I have to throw myself into this lifestyle change like my life is at stake.  Because it kind of is.  The life that I picture myself having is on the line.  I am basically double-dog-daring myself to be accountable for my choices and taking responsibility for my happiness.

2 Responses to “A non-plan and other ramblings…”

  1. markwcunningham at 7:21 pm #

    i have a a pair of “wazzuppp” shoes too! Red neon Newton Gravity. i think i am hopelessly addicted to Diet Coke!

    • SOLEfortheSoul at 1:04 pm #

      Thanks for the comment Mark, I think flashy shoes are the only kind of shoes to have!

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