Won’t ♥ Back ♥ Down

9 Jan

I know this sounds cliche, but I feel unstoppable.

Yesterday, w were running around for work all day and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get outside and go for a run.  However, I had enough presence of mind to remember to grab my running clothes on the way out the door for babysitting.



I know that a lot of people hate the dreadmill treadmill, but I love it!  You don’t get dirty, you can be in the privacy of your own home (or in-laws, as the case is here), you can watch television AND read Cosmo while you are warming up.  Perfection.  To me, the treadmill is kind of like coming home.  At the gym, I don’t do weight-training or strength-training or any of the hundreds of things I probably should.  I seriously just love the treadmill.  It allows me to just get in the zone and push myself.  Originally, I was just going to walk at a fast pace and toggle between several inclines.  However, about a mile into my walk, my body was craving some speed.

I don’t know what has happened to me over the last few days.  But, I told myself – stop being lazy and bump up that speed, girl!  And I did.  I ran for a quarter mile, then took a walking break.  Then I ran the last quarter mile!  Well, almost quarter mile.  I wasn’t paying attention to the time and it kicked into cool down right as I was getting my stride.  Ooops!  I am really, really proud of myself for getting all red-faced!

As far as my eating habits go, I think I overdid it on the carbs.  Bahhahaha


I won’t go into details, but I’m pretty sure lunch was the problem.  Even Subway can sabotage a good plan!

But, today is a new day and I woke up bright and early for a quick 2 mile walk with Hallie and my good friend Tom Petty in the earbuds.

Have you guys met Hallie?  She’s our resident poodle queen:


In fact, she is so exhausted from our walk that she is spooning with her man right now:




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