Weekend Recap

15 Jan

Instead of boring you with the mundane recitation of my weekend activities, I thought this would be a nice day to do a recap.

I have officially lost 5 pounds.  I have no idea how this happened so quickly.  Especially considering I spent the majority of my weekend basically sitting on the couch watching football & drinking Landshark.  It really has been trial and error, entering food into my calorie counting app (I use Calorie Counter for iPhone) and seeing what combinations work best.

I’ve learned a few things in the past week (Obviously, I can only speak for myself, as I am clearly not a personal trainer or dietician):  

1.  Breakfast sets the tone for the day.  Its beginning to feel like setting up a game of chess.  Depending on what I have and need for breakfast, I am able to get ideas for lunch and dinner.  If my day includes a run, I tend to chose a more carb-heavy breakfast.  If not, I am able to eat a lighter breakfast which allows me more flexibility to snack throughout the day and plan heartier meals.

2.  Black coffee still gets it done.  When I first starting drinking coffee heavily (circa 2006, 4th Avenue), I only drank black coffee.  The thought, taste, and smell of creamer disgusted me.  I worked very closely with a friend who was incredibly health-conscious, had previously worked at a gym, and had enjoyed a lot of success with weight watchers.  A lot of my food behaviors today can be attributed to our friendship (even if we don’t talk anymore).  Somewhere along the gluttonous way, I started drinking iced coffee instead of hot.  I’m fairly sure that this is when my morning coffee started to be this creamy, sweet, confection that was more of a treat than a jumpstart to the day.  In the last week, I’ve managed to break myself of that temptation and enjoy my coffee dark and bold.

3.  My will power is weak.  After stocking up the fridge on Sunday, I realized that it was nearly impossible to have some of my “favorite” foods in the house without being tempted to binge on them.  Frozen yogurt is basically a trigger for me, but for now I seemed to have dodged this particular bullet on the scale.  In the upcoming week, I am going to work on being at peace with the fact that there is frozen yogurt in my freezer; just because it is in there, does not mean that I have to eat all of it.

4.  I CAN do more than I actually do.  For example, yesterday I jogged/walked 3 miles.  Yeah.  That’s a 5K.  And hell yeah, I wanted to quit and say “I did enough for today,” but I didn’t.  I ran on my in-laws treadmill for 2.2 miles and then I jogged my happy ass the mile back to my house.  And you know what?  The world didn’t end.  I was able to wake up this morning with sore, but strong muscles that are craving more today.  This week I am going to work on endurance:  jogging more, walking less.

So, I’ve got a fridge stocked full of food, a 5 pound deficit, and unwavering motivation to keep going.  All in all, its been one hell of a weekend!

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