Beastmode, Kinda.

24 Jan

Yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday is courtesy of a storm last summer right here in the ‘burgh.  I absolutely LOVED how purple the sky looked that night.  There’s something so relaxing and anticipatory about watching a thunderstorm from a distance.  I needed to be reminded of that this week.  Of summer storms and purple skies right around the corner.

I won’t bore you with relentless droning about the sub-zero temps and all that hub-bub.  I’m pretty sure its winter, people, get over it.

I will, however, take a second to toot my own horn!  Yesterday morning, I hit the treadmill.  I normally take the first half mile to warm up at a brisk walking pace, especially since I managed to give myself a high ankle sprain about a month ago when I rolled my ankle trying to walk up a set of bleachers at a crowded, catholic school gymnasium.

Yes, like that but going up and without all the clapping.  I’m really the pinnacle of gracefulness, honest.  Anyway, I’ve tried to be pretty cautious because I’m all ready accident-prone enough as it is.  So I’m warming up and then I bump the treadmill up a little and I’m jogging at my normal gerontological pace when I think, Hmm…I wonder when I will be able to just hit the “jog” option and be cool with that.  And then I realize that I’m not really out of breath and my legs don’t necessarily feel like they are going to collapse.  And then I said to myself: “Listen, bitch.  The only person telling yourself that you shouldn’t or can’t do it is you.”  And that’s all it took.  I cranked up the speed (which, mind you, is still like really slow) and I jogged my little tushie off until I started to feel like I might get thrown against the wall behind me.

Luckily, I managed to finish my 2 miles without incident and feeling pretty awesome.  Winning!


Also of note this week, she♥ managed to get two of the lights working in my kitchen.  I am seriously so proud of her for figuring out the electrical.  She♥ is completely teaching herself and after having reached out to SEVERAL electricians who told her it was a lost cause, she♥ got it!  Lots of ♥ in this paragraph and for my doll, who is single-handedly remodeling our entire house.  How did I get so lucky?

This weekend, we’ve got lost of friend and family time planned and I can’t wait!

Please feel free to leave a comment telling me about your most embarrassing falls to boost my ego.  🙂



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