Laissez les bon temps rouler!

12 Feb

It’s Fat Tuesday, y’all!

Years ago, all Fat Tuesday meant to me was binge drinking, boobs, & beads.  If I had a kitchen right now I would no doubt be posting photos of a king cake or beignets because, even though I’ve changed, the true meaning of Fat Tuesday hasn’t.  It’s a day to feast and celebrate before the season of religious observation begin.  By no means would I call myself devout.  But as I grow older and closer to having a family of my own, establishing my own religious beliefs and traditions has become more of a priority.  When we are ready to have kids, which I don’t foresee happening for many years, we plan to raise them as much as with can as Catholics.  (Should be interesting, considering they will have two mommies!)

Many people view Lent as a time of restriction and penitence, a spiritual preparation for the celebration of the Resurrection.  For me, Lent is a period of time in which I reflect on myself and my own spiritual beliefs & growth, abstain from a vice, and try to do something positive in my community.  Let’s call a spade a spade, though.  Lent is a time when I get to enjoy some of the best fish fry’s that my beautiful, culturally diverse city has to offer!  Last year, I did my best to stick to a Fish Friday series in which I explored seafood options throughout the Pittsburgh.  This year I plan on continuing the Fish Friday series, but I will be mixing it up with more at-home options.  Many of the local fish fry’s don’t offer the healthiest of options and I am currently in race training.  I’m sure we’ll cave to a few.

In fact, my mouth is all ready watering in anticipation of the meal I will eat from Holy Angels tomorrow when I go to receive ashes.  I know ashes are supposed to remind us of our mortality and of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us, but fast-shmast.  My foodie brain overrides that as soon as I pull into the parking lot and smell the yums.


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