In Training for Training

18 Feb

I think I owe you guys a fitness update, partially because I use this blog to hold myself accountable and partially because I don’t want to leave anyone with the impression that I’ve all ready flaked out on running.  I just figured people would be sick of hearing about the same. exact. thing. every day.

Lifecasting is soooo 2012, didn’t you hear…

That was sarcasm.  With a hint of mocking.  Do what you want, people, not what  people tell you to do.


Except that.  Don’t do that.

In January when I discussed my goals for the year, I recycled one from last year: running. Up until a few weeks ago, my training was inconsistent.  At best.  Then, at the beginning of last week I realized that me saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” wasn’t getting it done.  I’ve been putting things off until “tomorrow” for…..oh, I don’t know….28 years.  Then, I looked at my calendar and realized ohmygosh if I actually want to run the 5K I picked out in January, then I was running out of time to train.


Dramatic, yes.  But effective.

Every time I’ve attempted to train myself to run, I’ve opted for one of Hal Higdon’s plans.  They are easy to follow and they work.  They just work, ok?  Don’t doubt the Higdon.

Higdon’s training program is 8 weeks long.  Mind you, the day I decided to look at my calendar was 9 weeks out from the race date (April 13th).  Even though the Higdon program begins with a 1.5 mile run, I decided to use the extra week to build up my endurance.  I have a habit of burning out too quickly and I have to be careful because of an ankle injury from earlier in the year.  You can read more about my gracefulness here.

Here is what week one looked like for me:

Monday: 1 mile @ 14:33 pace
Wednesday: 1.25 miles @ 13:44 pace
Friday: 1.25 miles @ 12:48 pace

Now before you get all


on me…please keep in mind that I have never pushed myself to jog with no walking breaks EVER.  Before, as soon as I could feel myself starting to sweat, I would slow down.  I had a sweat aversion.  Last week, I not only proved to myself that I CAN do it, but that I can push myself to improve over the course of the week, and I’m learning to embrace the sweat.  One thing I am nervous about: treadmill running vs. running the actual course.  I suppose there’s nothing I can do about this until it warms up outside.  There’s nothing like frigid Pittsburgh temperatures to suck the motivation right out of a person.

This morning is officially Week One/Day One of Higdon’s training program and I am feeling motivated, accomplished, and inspirational.  Last week, I managed to convince Brother that he wants to run the 5K with me in April.  Its been a really great way for us to bond, even though we live an hour away from each other.  We have been checking in almost every day!  My sister is still on the fence, but I think she’s catching the bug.

The End.

3 Responses to “In Training for Training”

  1. princessmaddysun February 18, 2013 at 7:25 pm #

    Starting to run is always the hardest and it will take awhile to get the hang of things. But once it clicks, you’ll be hooked

  2. trueindigo February 20, 2013 at 7:57 am #

    KEEP GOING! You are doing great!
    I have to tell you, when I realized that breaking a sweat was ALWAYS when I wanted to stop, it made it easier to push through it. After pushing through that barrier consistently it actually became easier to break into a sweat (and therefore less agonizing). Crazy but reading your post totally reminded me of it.

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