Monday Phone Dump

18 Mar

Well, Saturday morning started with a bang.  And good thing I didn’t hit that snooze button because procrastinating would have led to failure.

Picture 001

My training progress is going well, but for the last four weeks I plan on walking instead of taking rest days.  The pink is what I’ve completed, the italics indicate when I was outside.  Really gotta buckle down before race day!

Picture 005

After my run, we decided to make a big breakfast in anticipation of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.  Her usual:

Picture 003

And mine:

Picture 004

And something a little festive:

Picture 002

We opted to skip the parade (which we never do!), because it was freezing and her cold symptoms were in full force.  But, we did meet up with about 30 of her relatives at Rock Bottom, a microbrewery/restaurant at the Waterfront.

I have no idea where this little leprechaun came from…

Picture 007

Then, we headed over a friend’s get together for a few hours…

Picture 010

I opted to super-size my fun…

Picture 008

And then I was cut off!

I just love Pittsburgh and St. Paddy’s Day.  Even the weather beacon downtown was touched with little luck of the Irish:

Picture 011

Next year, I plan to be more responsible and sign up for a local Shamrock Shuffle to keep me out of trouble.  🙂

Especially since I don’t get this VIP recovery treatment like she♥ does:

Picture 006

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