SOLE Searching

15 May

So here’s what my training schedule looks like for the rest of the summer (if you want to get a better look at it, just click on it to enlarge the picture).  Much less exciting than the summer had originally looked, speckled with fun little neighborhood 5Ks.  I may increase the distances on Wednesdays and Fridays a hair if and when I start to get bored with 2-3 mile weekday runs.


But, training isn’t supposed to be fun.  It’s work, really.  It’s long, thankless, unexciting, hard hours of work.  I’ve heard people say that training is like making a really important appointment with yourself that you can’t miss or reschedule.  I think I have to look at it like that or else I flake out, procrastinate, or get completely off track.

I just keep thinking:  Help me stay on track and push myself to reach this goal!  I don’t want to read this post months from now and realize that I let myself down yet again.  Help me to realize that my goal will only ever be accomplished through blood, sweat, and tears; through hard work and determination which I currently do not think I possess.  Help me to continue on my journey of self discovery and strengthen my will power to achieve my goal.  Push me to get off my ass on days when I’d just as soon make an excuse not to put my shoes on and get out the front door.  So that is my unintentional prayer.  Soul SOLE searching, because I think God has way more important things to be dealing with than my laziness and lack of motivation.  Besides, I’ve never really been the type to depend on spiritual guidance to help me in any given situation, I think God gave each of us exactly what we need in order to become exactly who we were meant to be.  Truthfully, I think I’m talking to that little voice in my head.  Sometimes she needs a pep talk so that I can depend on her when I need to.


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