“Great” News!!!

1 Jul

I’ve got a “Great” big announcement!!

No, Christina didn’t take the hint from SCOTUS and buy me something shiny.  Instead, she bought me my entry fee for The Great Race!!!


Ahhhhh!!!!!  I’m actually going to run the Great Race!!!  I’m actually going to run 10K.  Oh my Lord, I am going to run 10K.  Every time I think about it I feel a little bit sick.  And excited.  Very, very excited!!  I’m a mess.  Christina is all ready sick to death of hearing about it, so I’m sure that you guys will be too pretty soon.  🙂

90 days.  In 90 days I will be running my first 10K.  My longest race ever.  Hell, my longest distance ever.  I have never surpassed 3.5 miles.  Oh, but I will.  Soon, I will be telling 3.5 miles to eat my dust.

I don’t know what the next few weeks will bring, considering I’ve taken an entire month off of doing anything fitness-related.  Geez, you win one little medal and you start to feel like you don’t have to work at it anymore…


What, that’s not true?

Hard lessons, people, hard lessons.

All joking aside, I’m going to have to push myself harder than I’ve ever had to push myself in my life.  But you know what?  I need this.  I need to We are going out of town for a week on Thursday.  Lucky for me, we are going with Christina’s family.  Her step-mom ran the Pittsburgh (Half) Marathon last year so I’m hoping that we can get out in the mornings and log some miles.  That way, when I get back home I will know where I am as far as re-conditioning.  I’m training with trusty ol’ Hal Higdon again, the Novice 10K this time, which will officially start on August 5th.  In the meantime, I am hoping to log some easy, pre-training miles to get my endurance back up to post-5K caliber.

I also registered for the free running clinic on August 3rd, offered through UPMC Sports Medicine.  I’ve never been to a running clinic so I’m interested to see what they say about my form, the best shoe for me, and the ever-mysterious running fuel.  I get sad when I think about retiring the best pair of running shoes I’ve ever owned (which is a very limited category of shoes in my lifetime).  Alas, they are getting up there in mileage and will probably have to be replaced long before half marathon training starts this winter.

So there’s that.  Over the next three months, you are going to have to listen to my endless updates and rants and freaking out about phantom injuries and blurry pictures.

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