Oneonta, NY: The Yellow Deli

16 Jul

So, what else did I do while in Oneonta?

I sure as heck didn’t run.  I was a little disappointed in myself about this – I had packed basically all of my workout clothes, juiced up my iPod, and talking myself up.  When we arrived at our rental, it was located right along a state highway with a very narrow shoulder.  Christina’s step-mom and I both quickly determined that it was a bad idea to run there.  Honestly, we just didn’t have time to scout a good location!  Do I regret it? No.  I enjoyed my time away and I value my safety.

One day, the games were rained out.  It was pouring and thundering and lightning.  Unable to sit at the field another second, we headed into the town of Oneonta to grab some lunch.  Yelp directed us to The Yellow Deli.


Expecting a simple deli, I unknowingly walked into a utopian hippie land.  The first thing I noticed was all of the gorgeous wood work and details.  Check out this cool little table in the back…it’s isolated and the servers had to walk up a flight of stairs to get to it:


There was a coffee/tea/mate/juice bar in the middle that looked like a little house:


I also noticed hippie lit and murals covering several of the walls


Pretty sure that’s John Lennon.  But hey, I’m an equal opportunity diner!  I bet they attract one mean drum circle.  Even though I don’t necessarily agree that the world took a turn for the worse when the LSD movement didn’t really take off, I will certainly eat of thy bounty. Turns out, most of the employees live on a farm/commune-type place.  All the veggies are grown right in Oneonta by the owners and all of the breads from the deli are homemade as well.

While we checked out the menu, the host gave us some beverages to sample…


I personally like the papaya mate the best, it was really sweet.  The others had rich layers of flavor, but unfortunately just not flavors I enjoy.  I’m not a big tea drinker.

Hello Virgil’s cream soda and root beer on tap…


You guys.  The kitchen of The Yellow Deli is downstairs (where there was a ton more seating).  Instead of walking the orders up, there was an awesome dumbwaiter which used a rope pulley system.  How cool is this:


Anyway, Christina ordered a bowl of chili which came with a side of artisanal bread.  It was soooooooo delicious.


We both ordered Reuben with chips.  The Reuben came with mustard and mayo, but we both asked for 1000 dressing instead.  It came on the side, so I was able to just put a light layer on mine.  I’m used to a Jewish deli-style Reuben, where the corned beef is so heavy that you can barely get your mouth around it to take a bite.  I have to say, the size of this Reuben was preferable.  It had a really nice ratio of bread to corned beef to sauerkraut.  You could taste everything but nothing was overpowered by the other flavors.


This place ranks up there as one of the most eccentric places I have ever visited.  And they make a damn good Reuben.

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