Mama June Moments

23 Jul

On Monday morning, I was feeling like my clothes were a bit tighter.  Was I having a post-laundry fake out or is there a bigger problem going on?  I made the mistake of getting on the scale.  Not happy.  I tried to convince myself I’m retaining water from PMS, which may be the case.  But what if its not?  Yeah, I have been craving chocolate like crazy.  And I’m basically tired and cranky all day long.


I talked myself off the ledge after I realized a few things:

With all the running I’ve done this week, I am certainly building some kind of muscle mass.  Muscle is more dense than fat, so it weighs more.  But, if my pants are feeling tighter then this theory basically goes out the window.  I try not to fall victim to scale scare – I’ve been known to gain up to 10 lbs. of water weight in a day and then drop it by the next day.  I have to give it another week and see if some of the weight comes off as my metabolism speeds up.  Which brings me to no. 2…

When I’m running, my metabolism speeds up and I feel more hungry more often.  Like famished, all the time.  Last week, I noticed that I didn’t snack/meal plan very well and I was falling victim to some of the traps that come along with trying to find a convenient snack.  Yes, Veggie Straws are certainly healthier than Doritos.  That does not mean that they are the best option.  I need to quit being lazy, cut up the fruit I have in the fridge and bring it to work with me.  It sucks when you know you’re doing the wrong thing, recognize the problem, but keep doing the wrong thing.  What is my problem!?  Also, reminding myself that just because I ran in the morning does not mean I “earned” ice cream for dessert is probably a good idea.  It’s so not a good sign that as I typed the words ice cream, my mouth started watering.  Food is not a reward!  It’s fuel!!!

Some goals for the week:

1.  Eat whole foods at all 3 meals.  That means prep, prep, prep.  I like the saying: “If it has a commercial, its probably not a good pick.”  If its in a box or a bag, skip it.  I have to make sure that I have stuff in the fridge I can grab for breakfast, pack for lunch, and prep the night before or earlier in the day for dinner

2. Snack healthy. Hard boiled eggs, fruit and veggies prepped, water on demand.  I have to find ways around the sugar and chocolate cravings, so I bought dates and I plan on making some paleo power balls.

3.  Be positive!  I am the only cheerleader I have.  If I’m down on myself, I will only get discouraged and unmotivated.

4.  Don’t skip the cross training and strength training days that I have scheduled on the books.


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