How To: Store Fresh Herbs

30 Jul

Last week, I made Maple-Lime Chicken Skewers for dinner.  I bought a bunch of cilantro as a garnish.  There is no substitute for fresh herbs in cooking as far as I’m concerned.  The problem is that when I buy herbs, they go bad so quickly.  Since I abhor being wasteful, I sometimes just skip buying herbs all together.

While I was cleaning up from dinner I decided to find a better way.  I pulled the cilantro leaves away from the stalks and filled up my ice cube trays and added water:


The next day, I emptied the frozen cilantro cubes into a freezer bag and marked the date:


When I need some fresh cilantro, now I just have to defrost a cube or two at a time and voila!  Fresh herbs that will be available to me for months.


Do you have any tricks to keeping your herbs fresh?


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