Good, Bad, & Ugly

6 Aug


On Saturday, I attended the Great Race Running Clinic.  It was anticlimactic at best.  There were only 3 PTs working on evaluations, so they got backed up pretty quickly.  We had been there an hour and they only made it through about six people.  When we noticed that I was still 40 numbers away from being called, we made a break for it.

I did do a running evaluation to get some great feedback on my running form.  We ran in a line down the room and a guy videotaped us.  Then, he played it back in slow motion and talked to us about what we could improve on.  Apparently I look like a shit show out there!  I cross my arms, I lean backwards instead of forward, and I occasionally strike my heel.  I basically do everything that I know I shouldn’t.

I got a coupon for $10 off Elite Runners and Walkers, so I kidnapped Christina and drove her to Monroeville and forced her to go shoe shopping with me.  Remember how the only shoes I’ve ever run in are my neon orange shoes?

Well, turns out that they aren’t even running shoes.  They also have none of the support I need for my pronation issues.  How this failed to occur to me, I don’t know.  No wonder I have shin splints all the time…I felt like a total newb! Here’s a list of reasons why

Well now I’m fully equipped.  Say hello to my new friends:


They are Saucony Progrid Mirage 2’s.  Since I have very little to compare their comfortability to, I was sold for 3 reasons: they were a good price (the Mirage 3’s are out now), they felt very supportive in my arches, and they promise to be incredibly durable so they will hold up midway through half marathon training this winter.

Since Great Race training officially started on Monday (omg) , they will be getting broken in pretty quickly.  Hopefully I can correct my form quickly so that I will be feeling good!  I’m also taking no prisoners in the clean eating department.

Last night, I worked up quite a sweat shelling edamame for dinner.  It’s becoming a new favorite because its so simple to make and tastes so delicious with just a dash of sea salt.


2 Responses to “Good, Bad, & Ugly”

  1. Kristy August 7, 2013 at 8:36 am #

    Yay on the shoes! They’ll make a big difference!!


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    […] my gait analyzed, so I knew that I was looking for a neutral shoe.  I even brought one of my old Saucony Progrid Mirage 2‘s to show the staff person just to confirm.  I didn’t realize how worn down they were […]

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