Another First!

28 Dec

This morning, I had plans to get in an inaugural cold weather run walk/jog with a friend.  So when I got up to open Changin’ Time, I headed straight out to the boathouse at North Park.


Nothing like burning holes into your retinas for the sake of blogging.

North Park is incredibly scenic, especially in the winter.  There were literally throngs of runners everywhere I looked.  It was pretty nerve racking to drive on the narrow roads, into the sun, while I was drinking my first coffee of the day, with people lined down one side of the road.  But, I made it with no incidents.


I had very low expectations for this jog, it was actually my first ever run when there was snow on the ground!  I just knew I needed to get something under my belt so that I wouldn’t be intimidated by the cold.  Also, I need to get serious about running outside again, even if I am still hitting the treadmill part of the time.


I learned that yes, it is possible for your lungs to feel like you just drank a growler full of liquid nitrogen.  But also that they feel better after about 15 minutes.  I also didn’t know my body could produce that much phlegm when I’m not sick.  Lesson learned.  Oh yeah, and that its almost impossible for me to dress appropriately for the weather.  It’s going to take some trial and error to figure out what to wear in the cold weather.  The therm was reading 37F, but according to my Weather Channel app, it felt 29F with the wind chill.

I don’t think there’s really a right answer to the attire.  Some days the wind chill is lower, some days its raining, some days its sunny but freezing.  Anyway, today I wore a long sleeve Nike dry fit shirt, running capris, an Under Armor jacket, gloves, and my new Polar Buff head/neck/face gear.


My new Buff is so cool, it’s a microfiber and fleece sleeve that you can wear a bunch of different ways.  I used mine as a facemask and neck gaitor today.


Click the image to visit Buff’s website!

Almost immediately I took off the gloves and the Buff made it about halfway.  The stupid coat was making me overheat!  But, I conveniently used the Buff to wipe my runny nose (which was a big problem for me) and then threw it in the wash when I got home.  So the moral of the story is: next time it is feeling in the low 30s, I will leave my jacket in the car and trust in my cold weather running gear.

Also, here is a lone water foul:



One Response to “Another First!”

  1. Mallory Davis December 28, 2013 at 1:30 pm #

    i LOVE running in the cold!! and it really is trial and error on how to dress yourself appropriately. i always try to be decently cold when i start out because i know i’ll be warming up once im moving. good luck with future cold runs! 🙂

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