Tales of the Previously Infirmed

29 Jan

Today is the first day since Friday that I have felt like a functioning human being.  Around 8:00 on Friday night, I started feeling really dizzy, had chills, and was just feeling really nauseous.  I suddenly found myself in the middle of a full-blown stomach flu attack!  It was not a pretty sight as Friday night dragged out into Saturday and I tossed around in bed for hours as solid sleep escaped me.  On Sunday, I felt good enough to venture down to the couch and left the house for about 30 minutes. Late Sunday evening, the wave of nausea crept over me again and I was sick on and off throughout the night.  On Monday night I finally forced myself to eat some rice, which helped finally settle my stomach.  And now, here we are.


Seems like a good day to turn the corner, eh?  I am completely bottomed out on energy at this point, but I’m trying to push through until I feel better.  I have no appetite, which NEVER happens to me.  It’s actually kind of nice because I’m able to make better snacking decisions.  I do need to eat more – I know that.  I’ve had these horrible hunger headaches the last few days.  I’m just ready to get back to normal!

If you are sick, stay hydrated and get lots of rest!


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