My Most Pointless Post Yet

3 Mar

I would love to be posting today about some great recipe, some finished home project, or awesome weekend of running but…I woke up on Sunday with the worst sinus headache/pressure.  Apparently sleeping with your mouth open all night makes your throat feel like you gargled with broken glass.  Basically yesterday and today have been real fun.


I didn’t even have the energy to watch the Oscars, which…


I’m trying to stay positive.  I actually am hopeful that if the medicine I purchased keeps working its magic, I will be able to run on Saturday.  Let’s all pretend we don’t know that I haven’t trained.  Like at all really.  Whatever.  I will at least finish and then I can start focusing on my next goal: 6.1 miles of the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay!



One Response to “My Most Pointless Post Yet”

  1. Kristy March 3, 2014 at 8:58 pm #

    Aw feel better! It’s better to rest when you don’t feel well anyway. There is always time to train later.

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