Guilty Pleasures Monday

7 Apr

Happy Monday!!!  I thought I would share some of the things I’ve been loving lately.

1.  I’m ADDICTED to the internet.  Seriously.  Have y’all seen this kid yet?  He is maybe the most adorable and equally terrifying thing I’ve seen on the internet in awhile.  Can you imagine how he is going to be as a teenager!?  We need to find a way to channel his powers for good.


2.  Nerd swag.  I can’t get enough of this Define water bottle Christina got me for my birthday:


How cool is this thing?!  I love infused water, but I hate the added sugars so this was a great pick for me.  It twists together and has a screen in the middle, so when you drink your water the fruit stays away from the mouth piece.  I absolutely love water with lemon, but I’ve been having fun experimenting with different flavors! We initially heard of this company via Shark Tank, I love that Christina takes notes when I mention that something piques my interest.

3.  Nerd gear.  How do I not all ready have one of these?!?!

Our relay team’s name for the Pittsburgh Marathon is none other than Dumbledore’s Army.  We fangirl hard for HP wherever and whenever we can.  Except for 1 teammate who has never read the books or even seen a movie.  Ooopsie!

4.  Nerd toys.  Um…how have I not all ready told you guys that I also got a Garmin Forerunner 10 for my birthday!


Oh yeah, that’s right….because I sucked at life last week.  I absolutely love it!  It’s so much more convenient than using the app on my phone (which is usually just shoved down my bra because that’s how I roll).  Ignore the above stats, I was having some major digestive-related battles this morning.  The digestive issues won, if you were wondering but no worries.  Other than that, I felt 75% better than I did last week.  Also, shout out to my man sized wrists.  I basically have this clasped on the second to last option but it fits!  I think she needs a name appropriate for a pink lady.  What do you think about Paulette?!

5.  Nerd TV.  Apparently when I can’t watch nonsensical pre-teen psychological thrillers (looking at you Pretty Little Liars), I start to get all metaphysical/spiritual with my television viewing.  I’ve been loving both Resurrection and Believe, which are in ABC’s Sunday lineup.

a little man candy Monday for you straight gals

a little man candy Monday for you straight gals


Why are the 2 cops and the pastor looking away in this cast photo?  That seems douche-y and unnecessary.  Resurrection is one or two wrong turns away from losing my interest, but I think I might be hooked on Believe.  It’s reminiscent of a Dean Koontz novel, who I used to really enjoy reading.

I can include this one in the same genre because it is basically it’s own religion:


I don’t even care if you judge me for this one because I’m obsessed.  This season is supposed to be less political because while 2 people are voted into eliminations, the other 2 are chosen by random draw.  NAIL BITER!  Plus its a bonus for me that Cohutta and Laurel are both back!  Are CT and Johnny Bananas getting a 401K from MTV because my god they’ve really put in the time over the years.


What is your TV guilty pleasure?

What should I name my Garmin?
What should we have named our relay team instead of Dumbledore’s Army?



3 Responses to “Guilty Pleasures Monday”

  1. Kristy April 7, 2014 at 9:08 pm #

    I love your relay team name, and those shirts!! I’m a huge HP fan too.

    Congrats on the new Garmin!

  2. Jennifer April 10, 2014 at 5:57 pm #

    Exciting you got a Garmin! Mine is 5 years old but I still love it. And happy birthday!

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