Training Overview #sftsRUNS

9 Jun

Welcome to the first installment of my 10K Training Overview!  This is a weekly series in which I will document my weekly running progress, nutrition, photos, and mileage as I train for Pittsburgh’s 2014 Great Race on September 28th.  If you are on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook – you can also follow along using the hashtag #sftsRUNS.   These overviews are intended not only for me as a way to document my fitness journey, but also as a means to inspire other newbie runners who are ready to move beyond the 5K distance.


Weekly Overview:

Last week was really bad in a whole lot of ways, but I kept my chin up and managed to at least get some momentum with my training.  The beginning of the week was basically sedentary, but I managed to kick it up on Wednesday and kept it going through the weekend.  I’m worried less about piling on the mileage right now and more about getting in good, quality runs at a consistent mileage.

Training Plan:

Planned Mileage:  9.5 miles

Actual Mileage:  5.65 miles <– Oops!

Longest Distance:  2.65

Training Miles to Date:  5.65

Weight Change:

My weight loss goal is 150 lbs.  By August, my goal is to be down to 175 lbs.  I weigh in immediately after I wake up on Monday mornings.  Last Monday, I weighed in at 192.7 and this morning I weighed in at 190.2.  That makes a -2.5 lb. loss for the week!!!  I’m thrilled and I hope I can keep it going.

Physical Condition:

So far, so good!  The only thing I’ve really noticed is that my body is having a hard time adjusting to my schedule change.  Since I overheat so quickly, I need to make sure I get quality miles in, so I’ve moved my wake up time from 8AM to 6-6:30AM.  I’ve been hitting the sack around 10-11PM pretty consistently, so this coming week should be a little better and I am hoping to have more energy during the day.

Mental Condition:

My personal life is in complete turmoil right now, so yeah.  Let’s just say thank God for running.



Frozen Greek Yogurt Dots

On point!!  I managed to stay away from processed foods almost all week.  I had a cheat meal on Wednesday with some friends, but even then I kept my portions under control.  Then, on Friday I did have several (you’ll never know!) Stella Artois at iLaugh on Friday.  I have no regrets and I am pretty proud of myself.  This week I am going to take in more protein than I did last week for energy.

Non-Mileage Training (but still running related):

I managed to do my own HIIT circuit twice during the week and hooked up with a friend on Sunday to do T25 abs.


I also rented a bike and biked 6ish miles around the city.  So much fun – I will write more about it tomorrow!!   I can’t wait to get a bike that I can ride for fitness and for fun.  What a great way to get outside and enjoy the city with friends!


Always pull over before taking a photo!

Impact On Real Life:

Last week I really noticed something – even though I am stressed out, frustrated, and overwhelmed with many things going on right now, staying active has really helped me find emotional and mental balance in a time when I usually fall apart.  Historically, my coping mechanisms have always been really self destructive:  binge drinking alcohol, binge eating (HOOBOY), and worse at times.  Over the last few months/years, I’ve forced myself to channel all of that emotion into running and it works.  I feel clear-headed and like I just vented to a friend after a good run.  Man did I need that this week.

Action Plan:

This week, I will hit my goal mileage (no excuses), try to increase my protein intake, stay positive, and STAY ON TRACK!


One Response to “Training Overview #sftsRUNS”

  1. Running Bear June 10, 2014 at 5:01 pm #

    Outstanding! Both the training and the recap.

    I’m right there with you on the earlier wake up time to beat the heat. I have not quite matched it with an earlier bed time so I’ve been suffering on that front.

    Running can be a great outlet for turmoil and chaos. I still sink into those self destructive cycles from time to time, but my run helps bring me back to center. Seems like you’re drawing from that same energy!

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