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Fish Fridays: Holy Angels ♥

15 Feb

I’m sure you knew this was coming.

I had to kick off the Fish Friday series with my ‘burgh fave: Holy Angels.


Located in Hays, this little parish has the best damn fish sandwich in town. I’ll keep it short, sweet, and to the point because you can always check out last year’s post about Holy Angels here.

A monster, hand-breaded fillet made fresh each week with a measly $8 price tag.  Did I mention it also comes with french fries and the best coleslaw I’ve ever tasted?


Waaaaay too big for this gal to eat, so I split it with the gf♥:


Much better.  I even had a little room for this $0.25 Valentine brownie:


If you are thinking about swinging by Holy Angels on Friday, definitely call ahead.  No matter what, you are going to have to wait for your order – this place is PACKED and I mean PACKED.  It honestly doesn’t matter what time, there will probably be a line out the door.  If you call in your order, they have honor it.  And yes, I’m sure they do sometimes run out of fish!  Here is a link to their fish fry menu: YUMMIES

Holy Angels
408 Baldwin Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15207

Fish Fridays: St. Maximilan Kolbe Church

9 Mar

Today we drove the winding hill up to St. Max Kolbe church in Homestead.

This church has a high concentration of parishioners of Eastern European descent, which in fish fry terms means: haluski.  The fish fry menu at St. Max Kolbe is extensive.  They serve a huge fish sandwich, available with or without bread; crab cakes; jumbo or popcorn shrimp; linguine with scallops; tuna noodle casserole potato pancakes & lots more.

One of my favorite things about this fish fry is that it is open much later than most.  They serve dinner up until 7:00 pm.  Since we arrived only about 15 minutes before they shut down, we were about to take some extra things home with us.

I picked at a piece of fish meant for sandwiches, which was yummy.  The breading was thin and the fish tastes fresh.

We also tried some jumbo shrimp…

She♥ is a sucker for haluski..

And of course we had to eat some pierogies, which actually tasted right…

Overall, this place never disappoints and its a fish fry we continue to visit year after year.  I was even instructed to send Steel Valley residents over to visit the self-proclaimed, “hardest working Hunky” at St. Max – West Homestead Police Chief, John Dindak.  He manages to serve up delicious Lenten food and humor at this parish on the hill.

Eat in or take out (412) 462-1743
St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish
363 W. 11th Avenue Extension
Homestead, PA 15120


Fish Fridays: Wholey’s Fish Market

2 Mar

I know, I know…its predictable.

Give me a break, guys.

You can’t be near Wholey’s Fish Market any day of the week, much less Friday, and not want to stop for lunch.  But you better get there early people, because this line will wrap the ENTIRE way around the store.  UNLESS YOU WAY SMARTER THAN US AND KNEW YOU COULD CALL AHEAD AND PLACE AN ORDER OVER THE PHONE. 

It was so crowded I could barely snap pictures, so the photos of the building/location were taken from online.

Wholey’s has been a Pittsburgh staple since 1912 when it was founded by Robert Wholey in McKees Rocks.  It’s been a Strip District staple since the 1980s though, which means that during my lifetime – this place has been a top food destination for me.

See the outline of a fish on the outside?  At night, it looks like this…


Wholey’s is Pittsburgh’s biggest fishmonger – averaging 40,000 pounds of fish sold each week.  According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, this business increases 40% during the Lenten season.  So yeah, they pretty much know what they’re doing and you pretty much can’t go wrong.

First of all, its the closest thing Pittsburgh has to open-air fish market.  (Ok, only the Penn Ave. Fish Company comes closer.)

Second of all, it has a toy train that has been running longer than I’ve been alive.

Third, the food is amazing.  Actually the food being amazing would be enough for me.  While the MIL and her♥ jumped into the fish line, I jumped into Andy’s line…

He makes sushi right in front of you, made to order.  His line is ALWAYS s….l….o….w…….but worth every second of the wait.  He probably felt bad for me drooling all over his glass, so he let me sample one of his spring rolls.

You’re a smart man, Andy.  With especially good timing.

Needless to say I ordered a spring roll to go with my California roll.

Do you ever order food and know that it is the best food you’ve ever tasted and your mouth is watering and you open the lid and completely devour almost every single morsel?  And then realize that you write a blog that is doing a series of posts of Fish Fridays, so you should’ve probably taken a picture of your delicious meal?


At least one bite survived and I was able to take a breather before I started my sushi roll.


The MIL ordered a piece of fried cod (no bun, no frenchies) which was soooo yummy.  The breading at Wholey’s is always really thin (unlike say, Long John Silver’s), which means that you taste more of the fish.  She luckily spotted this side of lobster mac & cheese as well:

She♥ ordered the crab cakes, which seemed like they had no breadcrumb used for filler.  While this is a good thing, it did change the consistency of them, making them really chewy and mushy in the middle.  The taste was good if you could get over the texture.

I knew she♥ was a little disappointed and probably won’t get the crab cakes again.

What Fish Friday would be complete without a trip to the goodie table?  Don’t worry, the thickest, yummiest pizelles I’ve ever tasted and the gynormous lady locks definitely make up for the crab cakes…

Who says you have to eat fried fish during Lent?

Not us..

Wholey’s Fish Market
1711 Penn Ave.  Pittsburgh, PA
412-391-3737 to pick-up
Open most days until 5:30pm*



I’m hooked on Holy Angels’ Fish Fry ♥

24 Feb

Ahh, Lent.  You double-edged sword, you.  Each year you seduce me with endless fish fries and raffle baskets but then ask me to give something up for forty friggin days.

This year it was Facebook.  I don’t want to talk about it.

So this begins a new SFTS series..

A SOLE Fish Friday guide to Pittsburgh

I will be navigating my way around the city, to many a fish fry but also to some more creative, healthy alternatives.  Each week I will be promoting a different fish fry in the area and reporting back.  Let’s be realistic, the allure of the fish fry gets long before Easter rolls around, and I’m looking forward to sharing some SOLE alternatives. ♥

If you know me, it will make sense why the first post of this series has to be dedicated to Holy Angels fish fry.

This tiny little church in Hays, near the Waterfront in Pittsburgh, has the BEST fish fry in town as far as I’m concerned.  I look forward to seeing what else Pittsburgh has that can beat them!  Holy Angels also has a pretty sophisticated website as far as small churches go (can be viewed here), which also lets you take a look at their menu.  I noticed in their “Fish Fry Volunteer” section, that they are looking for volunteers to bread fish.  Could it be?  A fish fry which actually breads their own fried fish??  I will investigate further when I drop off desserts next Friday morning.

I ordered the Fried Fish Sandwich Dinner, which I realized too late was a bit too eager.

Hello gorg.  This baby came with fries and coleslaw (which I never eat) for $8.  I could only finish half of it! The service at Holy Angels is always amazing and I’m not exaggerating when I say this is my #1 choice for Fridays.  They also have a baked fish option, which I have had in previous years, which is also yummy.

I will say that the macaroni and cheese, which I only tasted, was reminiscent of middle school cafeteria-quality mac: tasteless and overcooked.

How does this series fit within the bigger SOLE picture?  Fridays during Lent are a time when neighborhoods come together and celebrate with food, of course!  Building closer connections to one another IS sustainability.  Growing as a neighborhood, building relationships, sharing values, enjoying quality conversations and company IS local.  The Lent season is when a little SOLE really is good for your SOUL. ♥

Holy Angels Fish Fry
408 Baldwin Rd. Pittsburgh PA, 15207
11:30 am – 6:30 pm
Online Menu: Fish Fry



Things Yet To Be Seen

13 May

I swear, every time I commit to writing a series (Fish Fridays, Sum Up Sundays to name a few), it completely sucks out any motivation I have to complete the activity.

Do you have a habit of self-sabotaging?  Clearly, I do.

Here’s my current life crisis:

I have a 5K on Saturday.  A 5K which I committed to run in lieu of walking in my own commencement ceremony.  IN LIEU OF.

Then, 9 little labradoodles appeared in my living room.

Then, 1 especially little labradoodle started “fading.”

Then, his two super grand-dogmas swooped in and refused to give up on him!

I don’t know what’s going to happen with him.  He won’t put on weight.  We started dropper feeding him Esbilac’s goat milk puppy formula yesterday, hopefully it helps him.

photo from Amazon

Say a few little prayers for him, he needs it!  It’s been stressful and nerve-racking and patience testing.


As for my 5K, all I can do is try to get a few decent 2-2.5 mile runs in this week and give it my all.  I’ve been seriously reevaluating my early summer race schedule.

5 Days:  Mr. T Memorial 5K

20 Days:  Greenfield Glide 5K

39 Days:  Man Up! 10K

I will run for fun on Saturday with my brother to memorialize one of my favorite teachers from high school who died very suddenly in class of a heart attack a few years ago.  I will train to beat my current 5K time for the Greenfield Glide, which I’ve walked in but never raced.  But, can I train for 6.2 miles in only 39 days when my running schedule is practically non-existent at the moment?  Maybe.  Just maybe.  If I buckle down hard.  Christina has her doubts.

Will 2013 be the year of the 5K?  Will little doodle thrive?

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