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Laundromat Lunch

18 Dec

This week, my business achieved a huge milestone!  (Damn you, Facebook, for making that sound so cheesy.)  We moved into our new location.  It took many many weeks of constant toil, but we did it.  We now have room to run our business and plenty of room to grow.  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now!

Saturday marked our official grand opening, which we celebrated with a party at the new facility.


That means Monday was our first official day of “normal” work.  It was both exhilarating and anticlimactic.  It’s so hectic right now between the puppies and launching this expansion that I have barely cooked a substantial meal in weeks.  Call me crazy, but the thing I’m most excited about right now is having a schedule.  Knowing when and where I need to be helps me get back into the habit of cooking all three meals instead of depending on “grabbing a quick bite.”

Today, for lunch I made broccoli bites from Stacy’s Snacks


What You Will Need:

16 oz. broccoli florets (fresh or frozen will work), with the liquid squeezed out
1 c. bread crumbs (I use Panko)
3 eggs
1 1/2 c. shredded cheddar cheese








Lucky for me, I live just around the block from where I work.  Since we are currently whelping puppies, we have to check in every hour.  Unless it is unbearably cold or wet outside, I try to walk home on these breaks.

I’m learning to love my little walk, even when it looks like this outside:


So, this is the first of what I’m sure will be a long series of laundromat lunches.


I had plenty left over and we reheated them for dinner.

My DIY Life

12 Jul

I decided not to leave a Wordless Wednesday post yesterday, since I’ve left you wordless for an entire month.

You’re welcome.

Instead, I thought today I would leave you a pictorial evolution of our kitchen renovation.

Let me preface this post by saying that we purchased our house 3 years ago.  Since then, we have completely remodeled our master bedroom, bathroom and laundry room (which included the addition of a powder room).  Our living room and kitchen are the two most-used spaces in our house.  While this would prompt some people to remodel those rooms first, I have been petrified of losing the use of either.  We performed several small updates to them and it has been sufficient until recently.

When we moved in, this is 360° what we were working with.

There were clearly some important issues that needed to be addressed.

1. Lighting – The only natural light in the kitchen comes from this small window above the sink and the back door, which is partially visible through the laundry room.  There is a small light in the fan above the stove and a single ceiling panel in the middle of the room.

2.  Flooring – The laminate flooring was extremely worn, with a few places worn almost completely through.  Several corners were peeling up and it made the kitchen feel dirty even when it was spic-and-span.  Frustrating.

3.  Skin – This room was covered in mushroom backsplash.  Why? Why? Why? Why x 102957820958? Why x INFINITY? Then the wood paneling.  As far as the eye can see.  It was like living in our very own coffin.  I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  Because the laundry room is a converted porch, there is a window next to the fridge that looks into wood-panel lined room with a rickety old washer and dryer.  Needless to say, despite what we would gain in natural light, we kept the blinds closed most of the time.

The first thing we decided to upgrade happened because God looked down on us and said – your fridge should have died 15 years ago.  It’s time.  We happened to be trolling CraigsList for a refrigerator when a woman posted hers for $100.  There wasn’t a thing wrong with it, she was just going through a divorce and updated her kitchen.   Score.

Then, still sailing off our our outrageous CraigsList luck and dedication, we scored another amazing find.  A gas stove in perfect condition, just $50.  The family selling it: a set up of empty-nesters, dad works for a kitchen supply company and gets awesome discounts on purchases for his home, so they update to stainless steel.  We snagged a matching dishwasher from them for just $50 the same night.  Niiiiiice!

Then, we were in full-scale remodel mode.  The master bedroom had been completed, so the laundry room (which had become a huge shared closet for us while we were without closets) began immediately.  The kitchen was used as a giant storage space for the furniture from the second floor, but we did manage to use some of the leftover paint from the upstairs project.  1 can Amazon Recycled paint (Tawny Beige), purchased at Construction Junction $14.

These two nuggets were not very happy that week:

Then again, neither were we.

During a Black Friday (November) sale at Lowe’s, we found some snap and lock laminate flooring at $.63/square foot.  Total: $157.50

No sooner did we get the reno done (December), then we had to pack up our lives and move back to Slippery Rock, PA (January).  She♥ finished her Bachelor’s and I started earning my Master’s in Sustainability.  We parted with our house for a year, during which time a family rented from us.  We moved out the same day they moved in.  VERY hectic 24 hours, I assure you.

But we managed to get the floors laid the few days before they moved in and I snagged this picture later in the week when we stopped to give them some spare keys:

When we moved back in (the following January), it was like living in a brand new house!  Amazing!!  Although, it was funny to see what things we wish we had done differently.  (There are a few issues with the floors and some drywall that needs patching elsewhere in the house.)

When we got back, our focus was launching our company.  Now, things are moving right along and we have decided to update completely.  So far, we’ve only put in around $400, once all tools, appliances, and miscellaneous expenses have been calculated.

The last few weeks, we have been pulling down the wood panelling and the drop ceilings.  I’m so excited to see what we can find as far as drywall goes, and I’m already scouting Construction Junction for new cabinets.  Fingers crossed!!

Here’s where things stand as of this morning:

We’ve come a long way from these days:

But we’ve got a long way to go ♥

{insert the Jaws theme song here}

10 Jul

Yes, I am still alive.

Yes, I know I took a month away from blogging.

No, I don’t think any of you care.

Yeah, that just happened.

Unfortunately, I have very little fun-ness to report.  I wish I had some awesome stories and pictures to share, but I’ve been scrambling to finish some school work while keeping crazy busy with my cloth diaper company – Changin’ Time.

I promise to bring you something amazing tomorrow, but I literally had to drag myself up the stairs to write this.

And to be honest, you guys are really cutting into my Pretty Little Liars time.

Operation Diaper Wagon: Day Three

28 May

The final leg of our diaper wagon journey involved A LOT of police sightings and again, a lot of farm country.

We loaded our diaper wagon up with everything AND the kitchen sink:

Spent some quality morning time with the family…

I’d like to think that Unc’s expression here is saying “Hopefully nobody notices this sausage I just cooked is still raw in the middle.”

Based on the extended tour of Mayberry Hillsdale, I’m guessing that Unc + fam wanted us to stay a little bit longer, but alas we had to take our diaper wagon and head home!

There are two things we needed before we could endeavor on our long trek home:


Its safe to say that I was pretty chatty for the first leg of the journey.

After leaving Michigan, I feel like every hour we saw this:

WTF Ohio.  You’re killing me with your tolls and with your horrific sports teams.

There was literally nothing to even look at.

Cleveland.  Ew.

The only thing that even SLIGHTLY redeemed you?

I’m really not even sure how I got roped into stopping at the fireworks store just before the state line.

(Its illegal to sell fireworks that leave the ground in the state of PA so of course we just hop the boarder like Mexicans, grab our contraband, get the hell home and start lighting M80s before any of our neighbors realize who is the responsible party.)

Ahhhhh….a place that makes me feel warm and cozy:

It was smoooooth sailing from this sign baby!

My peep always tingles when I come around this bend and see the best fucking city in the world:

That’s not smog – its a filter and it was dusky.  Pittsburgh is actually a really clean, beautiful place to live so I thought I’d add the disclaimer!

Home ♥ Sweet ♥ Home

And now the real journey of the diaper wagon begins!!

Wheelin’ and Dealin’

24 May


We are leaving this weekend to pick-up Changin’ Time‘s brand new shiny diaper delivery truck!!!

I’m beyond ecstatic!

But that means I need to get some research work done before I leave,

so you will just have to check my Twitter to find out what I’m up to until Monday…

I’m sure I will have a TON of stories to tell you ♥

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