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Fish Fridays: Holy Angels ♥

15 Feb

I’m sure you knew this was coming.

I had to kick off the Fish Friday series with my ‘burgh fave: Holy Angels.


Located in Hays, this little parish has the best damn fish sandwich in town. I’ll keep it short, sweet, and to the point because you can always check out last year’s post about Holy Angels here.

A monster, hand-breaded fillet made fresh each week with a measly $8 price tag.  Did I mention it also comes with french fries and the best coleslaw I’ve ever tasted?


Waaaaay too big for this gal to eat, so I split it with the gf♥:


Much better.  I even had a little room for this $0.25 Valentine brownie:


If you are thinking about swinging by Holy Angels on Friday, definitely call ahead.  No matter what, you are going to have to wait for your order – this place is PACKED and I mean PACKED.  It honestly doesn’t matter what time, there will probably be a line out the door.  If you call in your order, they have honor it.  And yes, I’m sure they do sometimes run out of fish!  Here is a link to their fish fry menu: YUMMIES

Holy Angels
408 Baldwin Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15207

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

12 Feb

It’s Fat Tuesday, y’all!

Years ago, all Fat Tuesday meant to me was binge drinking, boobs, & beads.  If I had a kitchen right now I would no doubt be posting photos of a king cake or beignets because, even though I’ve changed, the true meaning of Fat Tuesday hasn’t.  It’s a day to feast and celebrate before the season of religious observation begin.  By no means would I call myself devout.  But as I grow older and closer to having a family of my own, establishing my own religious beliefs and traditions has become more of a priority.  When we are ready to have kids, which I don’t foresee happening for many years, we plan to raise them as much as with can as Catholics.  (Should be interesting, considering they will have two mommies!)

Many people view Lent as a time of restriction and penitence, a spiritual preparation for the celebration of the Resurrection.  For me, Lent is a period of time in which I reflect on myself and my own spiritual beliefs & growth, abstain from a vice, and try to do something positive in my community.  Let’s call a spade a spade, though.  Lent is a time when I get to enjoy some of the best fish fry’s that my beautiful, culturally diverse city has to offer!  Last year, I did my best to stick to a Fish Friday series in which I explored seafood options throughout the Pittsburgh.  This year I plan on continuing the Fish Friday series, but I will be mixing it up with more at-home options.  Many of the local fish fry’s don’t offer the healthiest of options and I am currently in race training.  I’m sure we’ll cave to a few.

In fact, my mouth is all ready watering in anticipation of the meal I will eat from Holy Angels tomorrow when I go to receive ashes.  I know ashes are supposed to remind us of our mortality and of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us, but fast-shmast.  My foodie brain overrides that as soon as I pull into the parking lot and smell the yums.

Thai Me Up: You’re Bound To Like It

18 Mar

I know, I know…I didn’t post my Fish Friday post on Friday but in my defense, I have been running around like a mad woman for the last two days.

We had to make a last minute switcheroo from fish fries and regular places, so on Friday we ended up at Thai Me Up on Carson Street in South Side.

It being Friday, Thai Me Up was a great choice because they have an extensive vegetarian menu and you can substitute chicken or steak for shrimp.

Each lunch special comes with a spring roll, so this was the first thing we recieved…

So friggin good.  The wrap isn’t like an eggroll, thick and crunchy.  It was fried but it was very thin, so it really felt like more of a light appetizer and not a corndog with cabbage in it.

I ordered the PadThai with tofu (you get a choice of meat)…

Throughout high school and college, I would DRIVE AN HOUR AND 15 MINUTES for this exact plate.  To this day it is one of my favorite meals.  It has stir-fried noodles with egg, napa, basil leaves and a spicy garlic sauce.  To. die. for.

She♥ ordered Thai Style fried rice…

(We will have to work on her♥ photo taking skills!  This one turned out a little blurry!)

Since she♥ is more of a picky eater, we all felt that this would be a safe bet for her because it was only stir-fried rice with shrimp, egg, onion and tomato in a brown sauce.  This was the first restaurant any of us had been to in which stir-fried shrimp was served with tails still on.  Have you guys ever experienced that?

She reported back that it was just an okay dish.  HOWEVER…

The MIL ordered the Spicy Basil Noodles and Mushroom & Lemongrass Soup (instead of the spring roll).

I will say that we had been cautioned by the server to order the spring roll if we had never tried the soup before.  But, I’m glad that we are the adventurous type, because this soup was so delicious.  Yes, it was a little spicy but it was also a little sweet.  The only comparison I have would be a sweet and sour soup at a Chinese restuarant.  But this soup was much lighter, with more taste and the mushrooms were pretty darn good.

The lunch special Basil Leaves…

The menu says that the shrimp (our choice of meat) was stir-fried with basil leaves and bell pepper in a spicy garlic sauce.  Now I feel that that is a little misleading because it tasted like cabbage or bok choy was in there as well.  Regardless of what the mystery mix was, the whole table agreed that it was pretty tasty.

Thai Me Up
1925 East Carson Street, South Side
Lunch: Mon-Fri 11am-2:30pm
Dinner: Mon-Fri 4pm-9:30pm, Sat 12p-9:30p

I promise that next Friday, SFTS will be back in the Lenten groove!!  Hope this post didn’t make your mouth water too much ♥


Fish Fridays: St. Maximilan Kolbe Church

9 Mar

Today we drove the winding hill up to St. Max Kolbe church in Homestead.

This church has a high concentration of parishioners of Eastern European descent, which in fish fry terms means: haluski.  The fish fry menu at St. Max Kolbe is extensive.  They serve a huge fish sandwich, available with or without bread; crab cakes; jumbo or popcorn shrimp; linguine with scallops; tuna noodle casserole potato pancakes & lots more.

One of my favorite things about this fish fry is that it is open much later than most.  They serve dinner up until 7:00 pm.  Since we arrived only about 15 minutes before they shut down, we were about to take some extra things home with us.

I picked at a piece of fish meant for sandwiches, which was yummy.  The breading was thin and the fish tastes fresh.

We also tried some jumbo shrimp…

She♥ is a sucker for haluski..

And of course we had to eat some pierogies, which actually tasted right…

Overall, this place never disappoints and its a fish fry we continue to visit year after year.  I was even instructed to send Steel Valley residents over to visit the self-proclaimed, “hardest working Hunky” at St. Max – West Homestead Police Chief, John Dindak.  He manages to serve up delicious Lenten food and humor at this parish on the hill.

Eat in or take out (412) 462-1743
St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish
363 W. 11th Avenue Extension
Homestead, PA 15120


Fish Fridays: Wholey’s Fish Market

2 Mar

I know, I know…its predictable.

Give me a break, guys.

You can’t be near Wholey’s Fish Market any day of the week, much less Friday, and not want to stop for lunch.  But you better get there early people, because this line will wrap the ENTIRE way around the store.  UNLESS YOU WAY SMARTER THAN US AND KNEW YOU COULD CALL AHEAD AND PLACE AN ORDER OVER THE PHONE. 

It was so crowded I could barely snap pictures, so the photos of the building/location were taken from online.

Wholey’s has been a Pittsburgh staple since 1912 when it was founded by Robert Wholey in McKees Rocks.  It’s been a Strip District staple since the 1980s though, which means that during my lifetime – this place has been a top food destination for me.

See the outline of a fish on the outside?  At night, it looks like this…


Wholey’s is Pittsburgh’s biggest fishmonger – averaging 40,000 pounds of fish sold each week.  According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, this business increases 40% during the Lenten season.  So yeah, they pretty much know what they’re doing and you pretty much can’t go wrong.

First of all, its the closest thing Pittsburgh has to open-air fish market.  (Ok, only the Penn Ave. Fish Company comes closer.)

Second of all, it has a toy train that has been running longer than I’ve been alive.

Third, the food is amazing.  Actually the food being amazing would be enough for me.  While the MIL and her♥ jumped into the fish line, I jumped into Andy’s line…

He makes sushi right in front of you, made to order.  His line is ALWAYS s….l….o….w…….but worth every second of the wait.  He probably felt bad for me drooling all over his glass, so he let me sample one of his spring rolls.

You’re a smart man, Andy.  With especially good timing.

Needless to say I ordered a spring roll to go with my California roll.

Do you ever order food and know that it is the best food you’ve ever tasted and your mouth is watering and you open the lid and completely devour almost every single morsel?  And then realize that you write a blog that is doing a series of posts of Fish Fridays, so you should’ve probably taken a picture of your delicious meal?


At least one bite survived and I was able to take a breather before I started my sushi roll.


The MIL ordered a piece of fried cod (no bun, no frenchies) which was soooo yummy.  The breading at Wholey’s is always really thin (unlike say, Long John Silver’s), which means that you taste more of the fish.  She luckily spotted this side of lobster mac & cheese as well:

She♥ ordered the crab cakes, which seemed like they had no breadcrumb used for filler.  While this is a good thing, it did change the consistency of them, making them really chewy and mushy in the middle.  The taste was good if you could get over the texture.

I knew she♥ was a little disappointed and probably won’t get the crab cakes again.

What Fish Friday would be complete without a trip to the goodie table?  Don’t worry, the thickest, yummiest pizelles I’ve ever tasted and the gynormous lady locks definitely make up for the crab cakes…

Who says you have to eat fried fish during Lent?

Not us..

Wholey’s Fish Market
1711 Penn Ave.  Pittsburgh, PA
412-391-3737 to pick-up
Open most days until 5:30pm*



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