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Grunt work ♥

12 Apr

Since Easter, it has been work, work and more work!

Things are really moving along with my cloth diapering service, Changin’ Time.  The calls/inquiries are rolling in and we are trying to check – check – and double check everything so that this process is painless.  We are pretty much awesome.

Today was a lot of grunt work though.  Part 1 Phase 1 I feel like, of a broad marketing campaign that will start small and then escalate.  But like I said, today was Part 1 Phase 1…

Lord, I feel like we drove around EVERYWHERE today.  But, it wasn’t so bad really.  Logistically, it makes the most sense for us to target our main marketing areas, so in a few days we are going to do this all over again but with different types of businesses.

It’s actually pretty effing cool to be hitting the streets talking to people about cloth diapers and getting them as excited as you are about your business.

It was so nice out today…chilly but the kind of blue skies that Pittsburgh only really sees in the spring.

I love Bloomfield and wish I could have taken more shots of it today, but we were busy zip-zapping around getting our work done.

I did capture this growing over a fence in an alley…

lovely ♥

Pretty sure she♥ had this place in mind all along, because we “happened” to strategically pass by the Harris Grill on our way towards home.  I’ll let you wonder how it went until tomorrow….

Night, dolls 😉

Dark Days Challenge – Week One

1 Dec

Well, its my first Dark Days Challenge post and I have been really excited to write this!!!

A few weekends ago, while at the East Liberty farmer’s market, I had picked up a pork loin from the J.L. Kennedy meat stand.  I’m horrible, but I didn’t even note the price.  The meat stand was busy because people were picking up their Thanksgiving turkeys that weekend.

I have been dying to cook it because I am a huge fan of pork and I love finding excuses to eat it (as a side note, I happen to live with the pickiest eater I’ve ever met!).  It has really been a struggle to find healthy recipes that pass the test.  I went with a fail-proof marinade that works well with pork, beef or chicken: balsamic!

1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1 T. Galena Street rub

I whisked the rub into the vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes, then whisked the olive oil in.  The pork loin had been defrosting in a freezer bag, so I poured the marinade directly into that, made sure all the air was out of the bag and let it sit overnight.  Today when we got home, into the oven for 1 hour at 350°!

I bake my pork loin un-covered and baste it every 15 minutes in the marinade, which works like a charm.  It was really moist and the balsamic taste isn’t overwhelming.  Even the die-hard condiment lover said she♥ didn’t even need to dress it up!!

I had some green beans in the freezer, which worked out perfectly!  I threw some cashews, dill and feta cheese on mine just to spice them up.  She♥ had a baked potato, which I opted out of.

Easy.  Delicious.  Affordable.  Local.  Can’t beat that!

Thanksgiving 2011

27 Nov

She♥ and I had one hell of a Thanksgiving weekend!  We attended three, yes THREE, Thanksgiving feasts.  Having been “out and about” since Wednesday, I wasn’t able to sit down and collect my thoughts until right now.  (Also, I am using this blog post to procrastinate from doing research – oops!)  The two dinners we attended on Thursday were amazing, but I have to admit that the last one was my favorite (sorry Mom!) only because I was able to hang out with my foodies.

My sister-in-law/sustainabil-a-buddy purchased a turkey from Ifft’s Turkey Farm in Evans City, just north of Pittsburgh.  I don’t know why, but there’s something very fulfilling about knowing that your meal was sourced locally.  It felt like I was taking part in something bigger than myself, helping my community AND I was able to eat my meal knowing that I wasn’t putting harmful preservatives or hormones into my body.  Next year, I’d like to set a goal of trying to source all of the vegetables locally.  This won’t be hard at all, it will just require an alarm clock and an iron-clad grocery list.  🙂

But, let’s be honest – when it comes to food, a picture is worth 1000 bites, so let’s get to the good stuff!!

I don’t want to brag, but my sustainabil-a-buddy AND my future mother-in-law are amazing cooks.  And these pictures are intended to make you jealous! 🙂

This sage butter was rubbed all over the turkey and in between the skin and the meat…

Needless to say…it was worth it!

My mouth is literally watering just writing this post.  But, its important to remember that Thanksgiving isn’t all work and no play.  So once the turkey is in the oven and baking itself into the above mouth-watering piece of heaven, we washed out the brine bucket and enjoyed ourselves for a few minutes 🙂

Then, we had to get back to work because this feast wasn’t going to make itself!

There was bacon and jalapeno stuffing AND shiitake and squash stuffing.  The bread for the stuffing was purchased at Cellone’s bakery, located in McKees Rocks in Pittsburgh’s West End.  The squash was purchased from the East Liberty Farmer’s Market Cooperative.

Roasted beets

I sauteed the beet greens in olive oil, garlic, salt & pepper…

There was green bean casserole (of course)…

And sweet potatoes to die for…

I am so thankful that I was able to spend Thanksgiving with so many of my family and extended family members.  ♥♥♥  Even though attending three separate gatherings in three separate cities was stressful, it was incredibly rewarding and I can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

Weekend Recap

22 Nov

Saturday morning

My sister-in-law and I got up bright and early to go to the East Liberty Farmer’s Market Cooperative.  I was worried that there weren’t going to be a ton of vendors because its late in the season, but then realized that they are open year-round! Taking pictures while at the Farmer’s Market = FAIL!  I was too distracted by all the samples, people, meats, cheeses, vendors, well pretty much just everything.

I can’t leave you without some kind of image, so here is one I found online…

I will be taking pictures of the delicious treats I purchased 🙂

Favorite find – The Greek Gourmet had a plethora of hummus to chose from which were only 3/$10.  HELLO!  You know it was hard for me to stop at 3!  We decided to go with two sweet potato hummus (for Thanksgiving munchies) and one buffalo hummus.  I was a little nervous about that one, but luckily we were able to sample freely and I realized that it is amazing.  I will definetely be purchasing the smoked white bean hummus next time.

I also purchased an organic pork tenderloin and entire bone-in turkey breast that I am excited to feast on after Thanksgiving.

Saturday night

Babysitting the kiddos on Saturday night was amazing…it’s odd not seeing people everyday because when you finally do see them, they look so different!  For example, CJ♥ looks like he has grown a whole foot and CO♥ looks about two years older in the face.  I can’t wait to be done with school so we can move back home and see them everyday!

We decided to see Jack and Jill, Adam Sandler’s new film, late Friday night.

The movie was hysterically funny – the previews don’t even do it justice.  I was literally laughing the entire time…well almost the entire time.  Sitting down the aisle from us was a young boy with his parents.  By young I mean around 4.  Now, by the time the movie started it was already 8:30pm, so immediately I’m thinking to myself  “Is this kid going to be able to sit through this entire movie?  I mean, it’s not even a cartoon.”  Talking wasn’t the problem, though.  This child sounded like he had whooping cough.  Bad.  Every two or three minutes he was hacking and coughing so loudly that I couldn’t even pay attention to the film.  Soon, everyone in the theater began whispering about the poor child who is clearly sick and how horrible his parents are for not taking him out of the theater.  Pity for the child soon turned into a shared anger towards the parents.  I kept thinking: Are they really just going to sit there and feed him Pepsi?  He is clearly not feeling well, its clearly past his bedtime, and you are clearly irresponsible parents with no respect for the FULL theater of people you are sitting in who are trying to watch this movie.  Well the answer to that is yes.  Three quarters of the way through, people starting making loud comments like “Are you kidding me?” which were directed at the rude family.  I was absolutely apalled that people are that selfish.  Not just because they ruined a movie for over a hundred people, but because they did it while illustrating what irresponsible parents they are.

Ok, enough complaining!


Sunday was spent with my parents and siblings, watching football and talking food.  My childhood neighbor is an avid fisherman and had dropped off some rainbow trout that he caught and smoked at home.  My mouth waters just thinking about it, which is a shame because who knows when I will be eating it again!  Football Sundays with family, smoked fish and micro-brewed beer from North Country Brewing Companyin Slippery Rock??

North Country Brewery, Slippery Rock PA

What more can a girl ask for really?  ♥


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