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Wasn’t there something about a turtle winning in some story…

20 Apr

If anyone is interested…

Here is how far along I am on Hal Higdon’s 5K Training:










Rest or run/walk

1.5 m run

Rest or run/walk

1.5 m run


1.5 m run

30-60 min walk


Rest or run/walk

1.75 m run

Rest or run/walk

1.5 m run


1.75 m run

35-60 min walk


Rest or run/walk

2 m run

Rest or run/walk

1.5 m run


2 m run

40-60 min walk


Rest or run/walk

2.25 m run

Rest or run/walk

1.5 m run


2.25 m run

45-60 min walk


Rest or run/walk

2.5 m run

Rest or run/walk

2 m run


2.5 m run

50-60 min walk


Rest or run/walk

2.75 m run

Rest or run/walk

2 m run


2.75 m run

55-60 min walk


Rest or run/walk

3 m run

Rest or run/walk

2 m run


3 m run

60 min walk


Rest or run/walk

3 m run

Rest or run/walk

2 m run



5-K Race

I know its not far, but it took many months of inconsistent training to work up the endurance for 1.5 miles.  I will repeat the first week one time before I move on to week two.  🙂

I am pretty sure my persistence is due to my schmancy new running shoes…although they don’t look this clean anymore…

Getting ready for my 1st 5K!!

 ♥ Want to hear my recent inspiration?

Her♥ little brother, ♥O’Reilly (age 8), who was diagnosed with liver disease this year recently joined a track team.

His colitis doesn’t flare up, thanks to his medication, but I can tell in his energy levels that he’s had a rough year.

During a track meet the other day, ♥O’Reilly was passing one of the older boys

and the boy said to him: “Get out of my way, mot**fu**er.”

We asked ♥O’Reilly what he said back to the little lint-licker!

He said, “Nothing, I just beat him.”

Sunshine & Schenley

16 Apr

You would not believe the frustration I have had with the internet for the past few days.  We thought dropping internet from our “bundle” would save us money because we could make both of our iPhones Hot Spots for $20 a month.  Well, let me tell you.  I could barely keep a connection on the damn thing, it wouldn’t let me use wordpress or any of the photo editing sites I use to write my blog.  It could barely handle Facebook.  AND Verizon charges you for the data usage for your Hot Spot.

Something smells fishy here and it ain’t the Jersey Shore..

Sorry, I couldn’t pass that one up.

So anyway, we switched internet providers, found a better price and I’m back!  (Which in my opinion, is the most important part!)

Now that I’ve rambled on about my internet withdrawal and frustrations,

Have you ever just needed to unplug?

Or even not unplug, but just take some time outside, with the intent to do nothing at all?

She♥ and I had been feeling the need for some down time for awhile, so a few days ago we took a blanket up to Schenley Park and did nothing.

It was pretty much amazing.

We have two different ways of winding down I think though.  Mine:

And hers:

Whatever works 🙂

I of course got bored quickly because both books I brought have such antiquated tones that I can literally only read for 15 minutes at a time.

Turns out the little section of the park we picked was awesome.  It had a little pavilion (obvi, most sites do), with cool picnic tables:

The pavilion itself of course had the required garbage bin (for parties, etc.) but it made me really happy when I noticed ours also had a big recycling bin too!!

Pittsburgh may be a green city, but its hard to find those damn recycling bins around.  They SHOULD be more conenient, so more people would USE them.

But who asked me, I’m not in charge here – and our little area had one!  Score one for sustainability.

This may seem minuscule to some of my readers, but bike racks are really important for a city to survive in a multi-modal way.  Pittsburgh happens to be a popular city for bicyclists, as it should be.  Our dependence on cars has completely ruined our way of life and our environment (trust me, I know I’m guilty in that as well).  The more things that a city does to encourage multi-modal transportation (like buses, light-rail, bicycle lanes, etc.), then the more people are likely to take advantage.

Just like the recycling bin…get it?

While I was checking out the bike rack like a freak, I happened to notice that we were just below a disc golf course!


And it was BUMPIN’!

We pinky-promised to go disc golfing another day, and I gathered some durable sticks which I plan to use as row markers in my garden this summer. ♥

Grandma Skating

14 Apr

The other day, she♥ and I took the boys rollerblading on the “Eliza Furnace Trail,” otherwise known as the “Jail Trail.”  If you’re not from Pittsburgh, its named that because it is a straight ride directly to the Allegheny County Jail.  It might sound funky but the trail is nice and is pretty scenic.

We were basically born ready.

Neither one of us had prepared with helmets, kneepads, elbow pads, or wrist guards like a true rookie/veteran (not sure which yet).  I know that I am extremely accident prone and I definitely need to invest in at least wrist guards.

SOME people are a little more eager than others and don’t wait for ANYone.  I swear O’Reily was half a mile ahead of us the ENTIRE time.  He kept yelling back, “You’re too slow!”  Talk about motivation!

I’m basically like a swan…gracefully gliding past the Hot Metal Bridge.

Keep in mind that I have very little idea on how to stop and only the very basic knowledge of technique.  Since her♥ ankle (which she♥ broke last summer) was acting up, she♥ went back to the car a little early.

Me and 2 kids and I am on these rollerblades!!!  Yikes!!!

It worked out okay…

Jacked ended up using her♥ skates (they wear the same size right now, which is a big deal to Jack) and had a blast.  We ended up traveling about 2.4 miles.  It did NOT feel like it, though.

While I’ve biked the path (starting at the Jail), this was my first time roller blading.  Actually it was my first time really roller blading since junior high.

The arches of my feet hurt like hell and my ankles/calves felt like I had been doing lunges for hours.  But as soon as I took my skates off, the pain went away.  I’m attributing it to the fact that I need to break in my skates!

Grunt work ♥

12 Apr

Since Easter, it has been work, work and more work!

Things are really moving along with my cloth diapering service, Changin’ Time.  The calls/inquiries are rolling in and we are trying to check – check – and double check everything so that this process is painless.  We are pretty much awesome.

Today was a lot of grunt work though.  Part 1 Phase 1 I feel like, of a broad marketing campaign that will start small and then escalate.  But like I said, today was Part 1 Phase 1…

Lord, I feel like we drove around EVERYWHERE today.  But, it wasn’t so bad really.  Logistically, it makes the most sense for us to target our main marketing areas, so in a few days we are going to do this all over again but with different types of businesses.

It’s actually pretty effing cool to be hitting the streets talking to people about cloth diapers and getting them as excited as you are about your business.

It was so nice out today…chilly but the kind of blue skies that Pittsburgh only really sees in the spring.

I love Bloomfield and wish I could have taken more shots of it today, but we were busy zip-zapping around getting our work done.

I did capture this growing over a fence in an alley…

lovely ♥

Pretty sure she♥ had this place in mind all along, because we “happened” to strategically pass by the Harris Grill on our way towards home.  I’ll let you wonder how it went until tomorrow….

Night, dolls 😉

Easter Endurance

8 Apr

Well the morning starting in a frenzy.  I had slept in longer than planned (I wanted to jog this morning so I could spend Easter a little more guilt-free.)

We were off to my parents (an hour away) by 9:30!

Well, hello Easter!

And (as predicted), plenty of beautifully dyed eggs…

Almost immediately, jelly bean boredom started to set in over the kitchen…

It was clearly time to start getting some appetizers made so that we could munch on healthier stuff!

If you’re from New Castle, Pennsylvania then you know what Mary’s Restaurant is.  And you know how excited I was to find out my mom had saved some of her hummus from the night before…

Chic plating, I know.  Be impressed with our domesticity.

Oh, the eggs.  How darling are these…

Easy enough to make, just cut 1/3 of the egg off instead of halving it (like you normally would to make deviled eggs).

Keep the caps to use as hats, and then just add some olive and carrot to make faces.  Every other part of making deviled eggs is the same!

I mean, how adorable are these eggs?  How have I lived 28 years and NOT thought to do this?  No idea…

Don’t you hate waiting?

The food was finished relatively early, with of course my dad having to take over mashing the potatoes.  For whatever reason, my mom is incapable of making mashed potatoes without lumps.  Its the one thing I can always remember my dad handling in the kitchen.

Yummmmmmmmm!  Best!!!!

Everything turned out really well, especially the ham…

I made my famous three-cheese macaroni with cauliflower…

And overall, everything was amazing!!

Easter Part 1 was pretty good, but we had to get back to Pittsburgh because we had another dinner to get ready for…

Lordy, lordy.  Thankfully we didn’t eat Easter “dinner” until around 6, because I was stuffed.

As usual, things at her♥ mom’s were amazing in general…

I could burst.

I even let my mac & cheese broil differently, and I believe it turned out better the second time:

We even got some Easter baskets at the end of the day from the MIL♥

She’s pretty much adorable…

I’m exhausted, full of ham and regretting giving all my candy to DR♥ because I am really craving some candy and that damn bunny didn’t bring me a thing!

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