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Thanksgiving 2011

27 Nov

She♥ and I had one hell of a Thanksgiving weekend!  We attended three, yes THREE, Thanksgiving feasts.  Having been “out and about” since Wednesday, I wasn’t able to sit down and collect my thoughts until right now.  (Also, I am using this blog post to procrastinate from doing research – oops!)  The two dinners we attended on Thursday were amazing, but I have to admit that the last one was my favorite (sorry Mom!) only because I was able to hang out with my foodies.

My sister-in-law/sustainabil-a-buddy purchased a turkey from Ifft’s Turkey Farm in Evans City, just north of Pittsburgh.  I don’t know why, but there’s something very fulfilling about knowing that your meal was sourced locally.  It felt like I was taking part in something bigger than myself, helping my community AND I was able to eat my meal knowing that I wasn’t putting harmful preservatives or hormones into my body.  Next year, I’d like to set a goal of trying to source all of the vegetables locally.  This won’t be hard at all, it will just require an alarm clock and an iron-clad grocery list.  🙂

But, let’s be honest – when it comes to food, a picture is worth 1000 bites, so let’s get to the good stuff!!

I don’t want to brag, but my sustainabil-a-buddy AND my future mother-in-law are amazing cooks.  And these pictures are intended to make you jealous! 🙂

This sage butter was rubbed all over the turkey and in between the skin and the meat…

Needless to say…it was worth it!

My mouth is literally watering just writing this post.  But, its important to remember that Thanksgiving isn’t all work and no play.  So once the turkey is in the oven and baking itself into the above mouth-watering piece of heaven, we washed out the brine bucket and enjoyed ourselves for a few minutes 🙂

Then, we had to get back to work because this feast wasn’t going to make itself!

There was bacon and jalapeno stuffing AND shiitake and squash stuffing.  The bread for the stuffing was purchased at Cellone’s bakery, located in McKees Rocks in Pittsburgh’s West End.  The squash was purchased from the East Liberty Farmer’s Market Cooperative.

Roasted beets

I sauteed the beet greens in olive oil, garlic, salt & pepper…

There was green bean casserole (of course)…

And sweet potatoes to die for…

I am so thankful that I was able to spend Thanksgiving with so many of my family and extended family members.  ♥♥♥  Even though attending three separate gatherings in three separate cities was stressful, it was incredibly rewarding and I can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

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