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Bumpers-Ball Chasing-&-Buffalo Love

23 Feb

Lord, what a busy day!  I feel like this is the first I’ve been able to gather my thoughts…

I have to apologize for a promise of Beef Stroganoff.   I completely forgot that yesterday was Ash Wednesday and had turn to tuna sandwiches at the last minute.  Perhaps tonight?


We started off by heading to Scottdale, PA (about an hour and 20 minutes southeast of Pittsburgh) to look for parts to our SUV that were damaged when we got rear-ended the other day.  The weather is gorg outside today, make you want to get some fresh air for sure!

After finding some AMAZING deals at Henderson Foreign Auto Parts, we headed back towards the city.

Because little Tuck isn’t’ going to his forever home until tomorrow afternoon, we had to swing by the house and let him outside.  He’s just a little guy and we don’t want him making a mess in the house ♥

While we were at the house, we scooped up the grown dogs and headed to Riverview Park in Pittsburgh’s North Side.  I LOVE Riverview Park and it makes me sad that we have to drive the whole way across town to get to it.  It is worth it, though, and we end up making the drive weekly to take the dogs to the off-leash fenced in dog park.  Riverview Park is interesting to me as a sustainability scholar because it inhabits over 251 acres, much of it unmanaged original growth woodlands, but is located in a high-density urban area.  To some, the word “unmanaged” might sound like a negative thing, but remember – the less maintenance that a municipality has to do on its conservation zones the better it is for the taxpayer.  To me, unmanaged simply means that for once people have managed to leave it alone and enjoy it for what it truly is – natural beauty.  It is breathtaking to see the skyscrapers downtown and rolling hills of forest in the foreground.


The Riverview dog park is located directly next to the old Allegheny Observatory – which is still open in the warm months as part of the University of Pittsburgh astronomy program.

We wound down through the Perryville Avenue into the heart of the North Side…

and into Downtown so that we could make a special stop: The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company on Liberty Ave.

I managed to forget my camera, but did find this great picture of the storefront online:

We each ordered a small bag of popcorn, which turned out to be the perfect size:

They do allow you to sample before you buy, which is great because I don’t know if I would have ordered an entire bag of “Buffalo Wing” flavored popcorn without being able to taste it.  Addicting.  Amazingly good.  And it earned its name because this popcorn has got a kick!  If you like spicy food as much as I do – this is 100% for you.

Keep in mind that they do NOT always have the same kinds.  They are like a micro-brewery and switch flavors out every several weeks.

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